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Paul Herman Protesting against NAB Fraud Preditory Lending

Paul Herman protesting outside the NAB Bank branch in Southport Paul Herman protesting outside the NAB Bank branch in Southport
 Mr.Paul Herman set to protest next week against National Australia Bank Fraud and is requesting other Victims to come along.

NAB preditory lending. Channel 9, NAB Fraud

Protest this Thursday.
This is the story on A Current Affair Channel 9, last night, which was shown nationwide.
Please forward this email onto others. Please join us if you can to protest anywhere in Australia. Protest is power

2nd NAB Fraud Protest on this Thursday.      

You can protest in your town also!     Please forward onto others.

Come along at 10.30 am Thursday 26-6-14 at NAB head office at 308 Queen Street Brisbane and protest against NAB Fraud and Maladministration. We encourage others to protest around Australia also.

Channel 9, A Current Affair came to my home and interviewed us. They expect that this will go to air early this week. They also interviewed Unhappy Banking advocates regarding what the banks are doing.

If you want to protest in your town:
•    Small gatherings may not require permission. (Large gatherings may require permits and some notice.)
•    Protest any day, even the weekend if you can’t make Thursday.
•    See attached flyers and placard suggestions. You can amend the word doc version to suit your situation,. (I mainly use ‘Flyer ask for your info & back page above’ and placards.)

Flyer ask for your info & back page.Pdf.
Flyer ask for your info & back page. Word.
Placards, 18 pages Pdf.
Placards, 18 pages Word.

Southport Protest on the 12-6-14.
This article ran in the Gold Coast Bulletin.

Links to Video on Bank Victims You Tube Page


Does anybody have examples of fraudulent loan application forms for the media? It is OK if the personal details are blacked out.  NAB won't give me mine?

Thank you,

Paul Herman

Paul Herman Protest against National Australia Bank South Port Branch: Video Bank Victims

 Mr Herman feels National Australia Bank should take some responsibility for his financial downfall after lending him $650,000 to buy nine vacant blocks of land 10 years ago when he had an income of just $50,000.

According to Mr Herman, the first he knew about the NAB selling the blocks of land on Russell and Macleay islands that he had purchased was when he saw one of them advertised.

“I had been talking to the bank about my situation and was trying to get some relief on the loan,” he said.

“Then they went behind my back and started selling the blocks of land.

The spokeswoman also argued that NAB was “committed to responsible lending practices”.

Author : Adam Sanders
Source: Bank Victims
Last modified onTuesday, 24 June 2014 01:32


  • Ana Ganesh
    Ana Ganesh Monday, 12 January 2015 01:58 Comment Link

    I represented my case with my partner in the Supreme Court of Victoria against the NAB and I can speak for myself as I am the victim and the witness.The court had every documented evidence of the case where the security positions on the mortgage documents were altered . The bank acknowledges not having given a copy of the contract to myself a party to the loan and owner of securities and also having only given a copy of the contract to their bank staff my partner .The copy of the contract clearly shows that the Offer date of the contract was after the acceptance date which clearly confirms that the document has breached basic tenements of the contract law . The fact of the acceptance preceeding the offer clearly confirms that the loan contract was never accepted by us. The ASIC has seen the whole case and the Judge of the Supreme Court of Victoria while on the first day questioned bank about the responsible lending aspect but even having every document on hand the judge on the second and final day of hearing allowed completely ignoring the evidence of lending which was completely irresponsible where firstly the contract had major flaws with acceptance date preceeding offer date.The copy of contract was not given to one of the parties to the loan and also the fact where the bank had created a loan where there was not even a necessity for a loan and where the bank had cross collatorised 3 securities in one contract. Where even the Judge questioned the loan amount while the security listed in the contract was for 3 loans .But inspite of all the facts the Judge of Supreme Court of Victoria allowed the bank to get its way without a protest and ignoring all the evidence the Supreme Court had on table. This just proves and confirms why cases where corporations especially the banks are involved never go in favour of the customers as there is undoubtedly no doubt of the fact that the corporations are engaged in conduct which is questionable and it is high time that the federal government seriously looks at the conduct of the courts as I even asked the judge " is it fair to say that I can now come up to your chair and shred the corporation law and the consumer protection law.. Is it fair to say that the laws are a sham and an eye wash and the consumer has no protection at all...?"
    There was just silence ......The Supreme Court goes by evidence and here there is documented evidence and the ruling was in favour of the bank !!!!!!!

  • Ana Ganesh
    Ana Ganesh Friday, 18 July 2014 00:11 Comment Link

    The Bank is guilty of fraud creating fictitious loans altering customer security positions and cross collatorization of assets without customer consent then alleging that it was a new product new refinance while there was not even a purpose for that fictitious loan. Bank's staff and Bank managers are paid to create false loans and alter customer security positions when there was not even a need for a new loan.
    Also they take credits ( especially huge credits or surplus in the customer accounts ) to pay off old loans while having collected interest in full amount of original loans .The NAB is sunk in fraud and all its compliance is paid for to being unaccountable. Their business is to engage in Corporate Fraud and has a disgusting Culture of Corporate Fraud at the cost of hundreds of banks customers. The ASIC the ACCC and all the corporate regulators must take a tough stance against Corporate and Financial Crimes and the NAB is certainly guilty of it and it is Urgent for a Royal Commission to NAB the NAB NOW


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