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Hi Suzie, Reading your story was like Deja Vu to me, I went through exactly the same treatment from CBA & FOS, I came to the same conclusion about FOS. CBA removalists stole & wrecked personal property that had nothing to do with our mortgage also. CBA withheld info & lied in court to steal our home & personal property despite us having 2 caveat over our home as well. The bank & the courts just ignored the caveats. The only difference in the story is ours took place in NSW, in 2011 to 2013 & we went through EXACTLY the turmoil the CBA put you through. It seems like this is a "standard procedure" of the CBA's but No Barristers are willing to take on the CBA for fear of being "blacklisted". I fully support you in your fight & am willing to do whatever it takes to get justice for ALL the Victims of bank criminality