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Hi Lorraine,
I am so sorry to hear this and know your pain. I have a good Barrister that will take on the CBA if he has time. I put my story out there so others will tell theirs. Tasmanian Times has also done a smaller version and it might be beneficial for you to tell a brief account on that site. Just google Tasmanian Times and Burge Vs Commonwealth Bank of Australia. I would be interested to know if the same people are involved. E.g. Robert Ralston.
Unfortunately the Bank Victims site went down a couple of days ago. The read at that point was up to 850, but had to be reset. The only way I know to make a change is to show people like you that you are not alone and that we will work together to fight these injustices.
Can we share the link to this story (copy and paste) to as many sites and friends that you can? Tell them that this story mirrors yours.
I Also have a Facebook page 'Commonwealth Bank stole my family home' I put up many articles and do share my documents when I have time. There must be someone that is willing to take all these mirror cases and do a full investigation on this?
Send me a message through my CBA page and I will give you my barristers contact details.
Stay Strong.... I am fighting for change!