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Sadly.. I have tried to comment on the SMH website to explain to people that are asking questions but all comments have been stopped at just 6 and no more were added.
Firstly when SMH contacted the CBA they said that they didn't take the Investment Property but they thought the ATO got it? They also said that my ex-husband was on parole and that I never offered to sell the Investment property to pay off the Business Loan, keep the Commercial property and 2 businesses to pay off the remaining Loan. They apparently told the CBA that they were guilty of 'maladministration in lending and that they shouldn't have lent me the money? When asked to put all that in writing and more, they declined.. They then turned this around to say that they got confused about the investment loan and that there were 2 Investment prooperties, but they only took one.. FALSE! They said my ex husband's parole was in relation to his new employment and his three month trial? Oh and they never gave me any more than what FOS order another FALSE and MISLEADING STATEMENT! In fact FOS ordered them to treat me as a Person in Financial Hardship and they refused to do that also. this is a Breach of the Code of Banking Practice and does not comply with the FOS Determination.