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Hello, I have to say something, as a long term customer of the Commonwealth Bank makes me very angry.
It's in my view a crime that Commonwealth Bank charged my account on the 14th December 2014 with a AUD2.50 fee for "Non CBA ATM Enquiry Fee, plus with an AUD2.50 "Non CBA ATM Withdrawal Fee", I AUD5.00 in addition to the normal fees so as having MY money in their hands and making profits with.
It even did cost me fees when I accidentally got a five numbered amount paid in my Commonwealth account instead in my business account - which I have with another more customer-friendly bank - the Commonwealth Bank did everything to keep the money in their hands so I had to take, off part by part of my money. Yes, they offered me a bank cheque but for another additional fee of AUD10.00 which I refused to pay and after they made me that angry I was to close all my accounts with them - then and only then - it was possible to get a bigger amount of MY money in cash which I could pay into my business account. Now I'm curious how much on fees in total I got charged by the Commonwealth Bank for this transactions.

Stop the banks from ripping their clients off with all this horrible fees !!!!!!!