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TOPIC: Royal Commission into Pedo Priests.

Royal Commission into Pedo Priests. 11 months 2 weeks ago #3302

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It was 20 years ago that McGarvie Senior and Jeff Kennett told Cardinel Pell he better fix the pedo problem or Jeff would. The Church - and its enablers - must be sweating.

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Australian Catholic Church warns congregation ahead of final 'grim' royal commission hearing
By Philippa McDonald

Updated Fri at 6:56pm
YouTube: Archbishop Mark Coleridge's message
Related Story: Almost all Catholic archbishops to front royal commission
Map: Brisbane 4000

Catholic Church leaders throughout Australia are warning church-goers and school parents about the release of data on Monday at the child sex abuse royal commission, describing it as an "horrific portrait of appalling abuse".

Archbishop of Brisbane Mark Coleridge was so concerned about the impact of the statistics relating to the extent of reported abuse within the Catholic Church, he emailed a video message to tens of thousands of Catholic school parents.

"The royal commission is about to hold its final hearing into the Catholic Church which will be a very challenging time," he said in the video.

"My sincere hope is that all the blood, sweat and tears will produce justice and healing and ensure that the future is much safer for the young than the past has been."

Archbishop Coleridge's video message will be played in more than 200 churches in the Brisbane diocese throughout the weekend.

The Townsville diocese will also play the message in each of its parishes for this weekend's masses.

The 68-year-old archbishop said in his message there would be some "grim moments and some shocks" in the royal commission's final hearing into the Catholic Church.

"We have to shift the culture and that's a far more difficult thing to do," Archbishop Coleridge said.
Letters from the senior Archbishop read across the country
Catholic Archbishop of Melbourne Denis Hart leads worshippers
Photo: Catholic Archbishop of Melbourne Denis Hart leading a service. (Joe Castro: AAP)

One of the nation's most senior Catholic leaders, President of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference Archbishop Denis Hart, has written to 42 bishops throughout the country.

The letter is set to be read out in masses around the country, including the larger archdioceses of Melbourne and Sydney.

He wrote:

"For the victims and survivors, for the Catholic community and for many in the wider Australian community, this hearing may be a difficult and even distressing time … deeply mindful of the hurt and pain caused by abuse, I once again offer my apology on behalf of the Catholic Church."

Archbishop Hart quoted Pope Francis, writing: "It is the sin that shames us."

A spokeswoman for the Archbishop of Sydney told the ABC that priests had been asked to read out Archbishop Hart's letter, to make themselves available for questions from concerned church-goers and to refer anyone with specific concerns to the church's Safeguarding Children office.

Executive Director of Sydney Catholic Schools Dr Dan White has written to school principals and every school parent, promising a "total commitment to respond to the recommendations of the royal commission in a proactive and positive way".

In the letter to tens of thousands of parents attending Sydney's Catholic schools, Dr White included a link to a new online child protection resource.

The hearing will run for approximately three weeks in Sydney from Monday.
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Royal Commission into Pedo Priests. 11 months 2 weeks ago #3307

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So why was Michael McGarvie's Board determined to use Gas Lighting to spy on Podesta's 501 foundations before the IRS Criminal Division proved Ravelo and criminals were in cahoots? Andrew Kogan should look into moneylaundering through lawyer trust accounts in case the mob rely on Catholics in McGarvie's Board to yank trust inspectors off from seeing files. TarotCard Tina's tip offs were scarey accurate.

Royal Commission: Vile extent of Catholic Church child sex abuse exposed in full
CARLEEN FROST, The Daily Telegraph
February 7, 2017 12:00am


THE vile extent of child sex abuse within the Catholic Church has finally been unmasked with yesterday’s Royal Commission revealing worshippers now hang their “heads in shame” after decades of systemic exploitation within its ranks.

The Royal Commission into Institutionalised Responses to Child Sexual Abuse has identified 1880 alleged perpetrators along with 4444 victims who have come forward to report an incident within the Church between 1980 and 2015.

Ninety per cent of the alleged offenders were men — with the highest number acting as religious brothers, followed by priests and lay people associated with the Church.

Victims were an average age of 10.5 for girls and 11.6 for boys, with an average 33 years between the alleged abuse and official complaint.


Francis Sullivan, CEO of the Truth, Justice and Healing Council delivering a message at the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse yesterday. Picture: AAP

The figures were revealed by Senior Counsel Assisting Gail Furness SC and tendered to the Commission yesterday along with an in-depth report documenting child sexual abuse from 1950-2010. The report compiles data from a survey of 75 Catholic Church authorities — with priest members — and 10 Catholic orders whose members are religious brothers and sisters. It classes 7 per cent of priests over that period of time as alleged perpetrators of sexual abuse. The St John of God Brothers had the highest proportion of religious brothers who were classed as alleged perpetrators (40.4 per cent) followed by Christian Brothers (22 per cent), Salesians of Don Bosco (21.9 per cent) and Marist Brothers (20.4 per cent).

The highest proportion of alleged perpetrators who were priests came from the Benedictine Community of New Norcia (21.5 per cent) along with the Salesians of Don Bosco (17.2 per cent) and Marist Fathers (13.9 per cent).

All Australian archdioceses and dioceses were represented at the hearing by The Truth Justice and Healing Council.

Chief Executive Francis Sullivan cried as he told the public gallery the number of sexual abuse claims was “tragic” and “indefensible” and had left Catholics disgusted.

“This data, along with all we have heard over the past four years, can only be interpreted for what it is — a massive failure on the part the Catholic Church in Australia to protect children from abusers and predators, a misguided determination by leaders at the time to put the interests of the Church ahead of the most vulnerable and a corruption of the Gospel the Church seeks to profess.

“As Catholics we hang our heads in shame.”

The Truth Justice and Healing Council has proposed a national independent child abuse redress scheme to determine “fair and compassionate” compensation for abuse survivors. Under their plan, the scheme would be operated by the Commonwealth but funded by the institutions in which the abuse took place.

Protesters gathered outside the hearing at Governor Macquarie Tower to lobby for a similar compensation system for victims of sexual abuse.

The Royal Commission will continue over the next three weeks and include appearances from the most senior members of the Church in Australia including seven archbishops.

Yesterday parish priest Dr Michael Whelan, from St Patrick’s Church Hill, said he could not explain why alleged perpetrators did what they did.

“I know one family where two members of the family became male religious — one turned out to be a terrible paedophile and the other turned out to be a fine religious,” he said.

Also at the hearing it was revealed the chair of the Royal Commission had requested documents from the Vatican in relation to former Wollongong priest John Gerard Nestor which were refused.

The Holy See responded it was neither “possible nor appropriate to provide the information requested” and would only respond “in future to appropriate and specific requests”.

Dr David Ranson, Diocese of Broken Bay Vicar General, told the hearing he was invited by the Jesuit community to give a reflection on “celibate sexuality” in the early 1990s. Dr Ranson said he was later asked to speak to other religious houses on the same topic at a time that coincided with the “increasing revelation” of child sex abuse in the church.

He said during his workshops he “would put up different sexual fantasies, different scenarios that represented sexual misconduct just using different case studies. What I was trying to do was simply create all these different scenarios that were possibilities and to try to get people to understand what ... were the driving factors underneath this.”
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More videos

WARNING - Graphic Content: Investigation of the secret crimes of a charismatic priest who abused over 200 deaf children in a school under his control the film shows the face of evil that lurks behind the smiles and denials of authority figures and institutions who believe that because they stand for good they can do no wrong.
Silence in the House of God: Mea Maxima Culpa

Proportion of priests identified as alleged perpetrators (1950-2010)

Diocese of Lismore — 13.9%

Diocese of Wollongong — 11.7%

Catholic Archdiocese of Canberra-Goulburn — 8.4%

Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle — 7.9%

Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney — 7%

Diocese of Parramatta — 2.2%
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Royal Commission into Disabled Care Abusers 7 months 4 weeks ago #3350

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Federal Labor calls for royal commission into institutional abuse of people with a disability
By political reporter Alexandra Beech

Updated about an hour ago
Related Story: Group homes for people with a disability 'must be phased out to stop abuse'
Related Story: Group home 'hell': Open letter calls for inquiry into abuse of people with disabilities
Related Story: Royal commission into alleged abuse of people with disabilities ditched
Related Story: Calls for royal commission into institutional abuse of people with disability
Map: Australia

Federal Labor is calling for a royal commission into the abuse of people with a disability.
Key points:

Rights groups back Federal Labor's call to tackle epidemic
A royal commission would "open the doors" to closed-off institutional environments
Shadow disability minister calls for bipartisan support

It comes after a Senate inquiry recommended establishing a royal commission into the disability sector in November 2015.

The co-chief executive of People With Disability Australia, Matthew Bowden, has welcomed Labor's announcement, saying violence against people with a disability was at "epidemic levels".

"It's happening in all environments where people with disability are; it's happening in every single jurisdiction," Mr Bowden said.

He said a royal commission could help uncover the abuse of people in more closed-off environments.

"Some of the people who are at great risk are at great risk because of the environment they're in," he said.

"So people in psychiatric facilities, people with disabilities in juvenile justice centres, in prisons, in group homes.

"They're hard to reach because their environments don't allow them to have freedom of association with people; service providers have a great deal of control and power in those people's lives and so reaching them can be difficult.

"But this is where a royal commission would be able to compel the doors to be flung open and a spotlight to be shone in those very hard-to-reach places."
Women particularly at risk

The chief executive of Women With Disabilities Australia, Carolyn Frohmader, said she dealt with reports of violence every day and the problem appeared to be getting worse.

"The ones that we see on television, on Four Corners, Lateline, media reports, they're just the ones we know about," she said.
Locked away in suburbia

A hundred years ago people with an intellectual disability were locked up in "lunatic asylums". Today they're still locked away, but it's just behind the walls of suburbia, writes Alison Branley.

"That's the tip of the iceberg."

Ms Frohmader said it was crucial that the royal commission focused in particular on the abuse suffered by women with a disability.

"We know anyway the terrible statistics in the Australian context around violence against women generally, but if you add the layer of disability on top of that the evidence the statistics are horrific," she said.

"Women with disability experience domestic violence at a rate of 40 per cent higher than women without disability.

"And we know that women and girls with disability in institutional settings are targeted and experience profound and horrific forms of violence."

She said issues such as forced contraception, abortion and sterilisation would also need to be addressed.
Call for bipartisan support

Both the Federal Government and the Opposition voted against setting up a royal commission when the Greens called for the move earlier this year.

The Greens' motion was in response to allegations of abuse in institutional care raised by the ABC's Four Corners program.
Inquiry hears horror stories

The disability advocacy group Bolshy Divas told the 2015 inquiry accountability was lacking in the system and abuse cases went nowhere.

Shadow disability minister Carol Brown said further cases had come to light since then.

She said the issue could not be ignored.

"We've also had organisations that have been calling for a royal commission, we've also had more than a hundred Australian academics sign a letter to the prime minister arguing the need," Senator Brown said.

"So there's been added voices to the call for a royal commission and the government is not listening."

But she said she remained hopeful there would soon bipartisan support and the Turnbull Government would establish the public inquiry.

Senator Brown said that would allow victims, families and carers to have their voices heard at the "highest possible level".

"A royal commission can compel witnesses, they take evidence and testimony where other forms of inquiries cannot and it's able to make recommendations and findings fully independent of all other levels of government and the non-government sector," she said.
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Pedo Passports to be cancelled: Derryn Hinch 7 months 3 weeks ago #3352

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Good news from Derryn Hinch's Justice Party -

Australian paedophiles will have their passports cancelled under strict new laws to be unveiled by the Turnbull government.

The changes follow high-profile cases of child exploitation in south-east Asia and fervent campaigning by anti-paedophile senator Derryn Hinch.

"It would be the best thing I've achieved in my time here," he told Fairfax Media, labelling the trips taken offenders - particularly to nearby Asian countries - "child rape holidays".
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