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TOPIC: Links to some Submissions re Insurance

Links to some Submissions re Insurance 9 months 2 weeks ago #4131

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Round 5 Superannuation submissions

Written submissions on policy issues relating to the superannuation closed at 5pm on Friday 21 September 2018.

These submissions are published without any adoption or endorsement by the Commission and without any comment by the Commission on the material contained in them.

POL.0001.0001.0168 - Aaron Isherwood [PDF 61KB]
POL.0001.0001.0229 - Adam Richard Nichols [PDF 49KB]
POL.0001.0001.0262 - Adrian Collier [PDF 113KB]
POL.0001.0001.0507 - Aileen Joyce Goldthorpe [PDF 43KB]
POL.0001.0001.0070 - Airan Pevcic [PDF 91KB]
POL.0001.0001.0591 - Alan [PDF 32KB]
POL.0001.0001.0515 - Alan Francis Quirk [PDF 54KB]
POL.0001.0001.0392 - Alan Francis Rider [PDF 51KB]
POL.0001.0001.0413 - Alan Lutherborrough [PDF 35KB]
POL.0001.0001.0379 - Alexander Joseph Walsh [PDF 44KB]
POL.0001.0001.0447 - Alexander Kozlow [PDF 44KB]
POL.0001.0001.0530 - Alfred Obrien [PDF 34KB]
POL.0001.0001.0306 - Alison Zerk [PDF 39KB]
POL.9000.0001.0159 - All Members Of Energy Industries Superannuation Scheme Pool B [PDF 159KB]
POL.9000.0001.0599 - Amp Limited [PDF 295KB]
POL.0001.0001.0182 - Andja Srzich [PDF 39KB]
POL.0001.0001.0048 - Andrew Banks [PDF 75KB]
POL.0001.0001.0263 - Andrew Coogan [PDF 62KB]
POL.0001.0001.0109 - Andrew Shine [PDF 217KB]
POL.0001.0001.0429 - Andrew Soulos [PDF 168KB]
POL.0001.0001.0272 - Andrew Whyte [PDF 39KB]
POL.0001.0001.0420 - Ann Cash [PDF 40KB]
POL.0001.0001.0394 - Anna Pisckunov [PDF 40KB]
POL.0001.0001.0462 - Anne Hern [PDF 83KB]
POL.0001.0001.0496 - Annette Shields [PDF 41KB]
POL.0001.0001.0287 - Anthony [PDF 34KB]
POL.0001.0001.0541 - Anthony Allison [PDF 169KB]
POL.0001.0001.0278 - Anthony Mantella [PDF 34KB]
POL.0001.0001.0341 - Anthony Tomlinson [PDF 44KB]
POL.0001.0001.0587 - Anthony Tweedie. [PDF 65KB]
POL.0001.0001.0008 - Anton Tjioe [PDF 60KB]
POL.0001.0001.0214 - Antonio Gullace [PDF 39KB]
POL.0001.0001.0126 - April Waldron [PDF 46KB]
POL.0001.0001.0204 - Arie Hartland [PDF 33KB]
POL.0001.0001.0377 - Arthur Richard Schulz [PDF 40KB]
POL.9000.0001.0139 - Ashish Garg [PDF 332KB]
POL.9000.0001.0584 - Association Of Financial Advisers Limited [PDF 1716KB]
POL.0001.0001.0333 - Association Of Independent Retirees [PDF 70KB]
POL.9000.0001.0535 - Australia And New Zealand Banking Group Limited And Its Associated Entities [PDF 93KB]
POL.9000.0001.0552 - Australian Greens [PDF 704KB]
POL.9000.0001.0556 - Australian Institute Of Company Directors [PDF 546KB]
POL.9000.0001.0585 - Australian Institute Of Superannuation Trustees [PDF 405KB]
POL.9000.0001.0614 - Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) [PDF 1928KB]
POL.9000.0001.0618 - Australian Securities And Investments Commission [PDF 498KB]
POL.9000.0001.0522 - Australian Super [PDF 194KB]
POL.0001.0001.0512 - Barbara Lawler [PDF 261KB]
POL.0001.0001.0514 - Barbara Lawler [PDF 261KB]
POL.0001.0001.0219 - Barbara Roy [PDF 41KB]
POL.0001.0001.0337 - Barry Powell [PDF 107KB]
POL.0001.0001.0582 - Benjamin Joel Pearce [PDF 42KB]
POL.0001.0001.0290 - Bernadine Mccullagh [PDF 90KB]
POL.0001.0001.0513 - Bernard Duffy [PDF 45KB]
POL.0001.0001.0264 - Bevan James [PDF 109KB]
POL.0001.0001.0055 - Brad Brown [PDF 53KB]
POL.0001.0001.0403 - Brad Golding [PDF 55KB]
POL.0001.0001.0230 - Bradley Halfacre [PDF 69KB]
POL.0001.0001.0296 - Brenden Briese [PDF 34KB]
POL.0001.0001.0487 - Brett Sanders [PDF 36KB]
POL.0001.0001.0418 - Brian Davies [PDF 72KB]
POL.0001.0001.0300 - Brian Parris [PDF 71KB]
POL.0001.0001.0380 - Bruce Whitehead [PDF 101KB]
POL.0001.0001.0206 - Carlos Boughton [PDF 41KB]
POL.0001.0001.0212 - Carol Bailey [PDF 52KB]
POL.0001.0001.0388 - Carol Ralston-Bryce [PDF 45KB]
POL.0001.0001.0390 - Carol Ralston-Bryce [PDF 43KB]
POL.0001.0001.0347 - Cathleen Meggitt [PDF 39KB]
POL.0001.0001.0329 - Charles Stanger [PDF 57KB]
POL.9000.0001.0098 - Cheryl Leijer [PDF 17KB]
POL.0001.0001.0536 - Chris Mcdonald [PDF 45KB]
POL.0001.0001.0564 - Civil Liberties, Consumer Rights, No-Tolls Political Party [PDF 102KB]
POL.0001.0001.0247 - Cliff Longshaw [PDF 68KB]
POL.0001.0001.0221 - Clive Waterman [PDF 39KB]
POL.0001.0001.0197 - Colin Edwards [PDF 63KB]
POL.0001.0001.0495 - Colin Horace Phillips [PDF 44KB]
POL.0001.0001.0605 - Colin Parkhurst [PDF 58KB]
POL.9000.0001.0608 - Colonial First State Investments Limited And Avanteos Investments Limited [PDF 850KB]
POL.0001.0001.0116 - Connecting Every Dot Pty Ltd [PDF 84KB]
POL.9000.0001.0576 - Connecting Every Dot Pty Ltd [PDF 127KB]
POL.0001.0001.0393 - Craig Allan Dillon [PDF 50KB]
POL.0001.0001.0567 - Craig Isherwood [PDF 109KB]
POL.0001.0001.0297 - Cyril Martino [PDF 62KB]
POL.0001.0001.0089 - Dan Reinhold [PDF 56KB]
POL.0001.0001.0308 - Darryl E Bacon [PDF 39KB]
POL.0001.0001.0371 - Darryl Joy [PDF 50KB]
POL.0001.0001.0503 - David De Carlo [PDF 60KB]
POL.9000.0001.0029 - David Hartley [PDF 239KB]
POL.0001.0001.0557 - David John Bowden [PDF 46KB]
POL.0001.0001.0367 - David John Donkin [PDF 52KB]
POL.0001.0001.0506 - David Michael Blackwell [PDF 62KB]
POL.0001.0001.0073 - David Mills [PDF 38KB]
POL.0001.0001.0575 - David Philip Sheedy [PDF 35KB]
POL.0001.0001.0595 - David Pinzone [PDF 32KB]
POL.0001.0001.0386 - David Ralston-Bryce [PDF 43KB]
POL.0001.0001.0256 - David Stow [PDF 74KB]
POL.0001.0001.0176 - David Taylor [PDF 36KB]
POL.0001.0001.0298 - David Thomas [PDF 38KB]
POL.0001.0001.0288 - David Williams [PDF 36KB]
POL.0001.0001.0525 - David Woodhouse [PDF 32KB]
POL.0001.0001.0504 - Deb Oliver [PDF 62KB]
POL.0001.0001.0267 - Debra [PDF 60KB]
POL.0001.0001.0093 - Denham Wilson Carter [PDF 58KB]
POL.0001.0001.0430 - Dennis Peter Glynn [PDF 49KB]
POL.0001.0001.0161 - Dennis Shane Pukallus [PDF 39KB]
POL.9000.0001.0543 - Department Of The Prime Minister And Cabinet (Commonwealth Of Australia) [PDF 374KB]
POL.0001.0001.0465 - Derek Vincent Amos [PDF 47KB]
POL.0001.0001.0152 - Desmond Whyte [PDF 48KB]
POL.0001.0001.0291 - Diane Marie Finlay [PDF 81KB]
POL.0001.0001.0526 - Dianne Stebbing [PDF 56KB]
POL.0001.0001.0320 - Dominic Gannon [PDF 88KB]
POL.0001.0001.0405 - Don Thomas [PDF 75KB]
POL.0001.0001.0100 - Doug Noble [PDF 35KB]
POL.0001.0001.0613 - Dr David Stevens [PDF 34KB]
POL.9000.0001.0050 - Dr Glynn D Kelly [PDF 68KB]
POL.0001.0001.0419 - Dr Kim Backhouse [PDF 1073KB]
POL.9000.0001.0538 - Dr Scott Donald [PDF 493KB]
POL.0001.0001.0066 - Eddie Ozols [PDF 194KB]
POL.0001.0001.0235 - Eldon John Bottcher [PDF 52KB]
POL.0001.0001.0240 - Eli Everett Hammond [PDF 54KB]
POL.0001.0001.0191 - Elisa Barwick [PDF 74KB]
POL.0001.0001.0510 - Elise Geritz [PDF 46KB]
POL.0001.0001.0047 - Elizabeth Andrews [PDF 130KB]
POL.0001.0001.0115 - Elizabeth Needham [PDF 67KB]
POL.9000.0001.0076 - Emma Pimblett [PDF 55KB]
POL.9000.0001.0143 - Energy Industries Superannuation Scheme Pool B Members [PDF 222KB]
POL.0001.0001.0452 - Eric John Scroop [PDF 58KB]
POL.9000.0001.0005 - Ernst Van Walsum [PDF 41KB]
POL.0001.0001.0521 - Errol Schmetzer [PDF 40KB]
POL.9000.0001.0546 - Family Financial Services Business [PDF 68KB]
POL.9000.0001.0610 - Finance Sector Union Of Australia [PDF 490KB]
POL.9000.0001.0607 - Financial Planning Association Of Australia [PDF 471KB]
POL.9000.0001.0589 - Financial Services Council [PDF 854KB]
POL.0001.0001.0416 - Francesco Pettinato [PDF 88KB]
POL.0001.0001.0359 - Francis William Hardbottle [PDF 42KB]
POL.0001.0001.0273 - Frank Student [PDF 42KB]
POL.0001.0001.0046 - Gail Jones [PDF 51KB]
POL.9000.0001.0261 - Garrick Small [PDF 58KB]
POL.0001.0001.0389 - Garth John Gilbert [PDF 91KB]
POL.0001.0001.0220 - Gary Knock [PDF 33KB]
POL.0001.0001.0317 - Gary Mcmahon [PDF 35KB]
POL.0001.0001.0398 - Geoff Leach [PDF 51KB]
POL.0001.0001.0542 - Geoffrey Alexander Adams [PDF 48KB]
POL.0001.0001.0305 - Geoffrey Clement Francis Fader [PDF 36KB]
POL.0001.0001.0612 - Geoffrey Graeme Manifold [PDF 56KB]
POL.0001.0001.0488 - Geoffrey Shields [PDF 52KB]
POL.0001.0001.0519 - George Jacklyn [PDF 37KB]
POL.0001.0001.0620 - Glen Anthony Mcnamara [PDF 58KB]
POL.0001.0001.0128 - Glenville Brian Anthony Kehl [PDF 58KB]
POL.0001.0001.0315 - Graeme Barnes [PDF 56KB]
POL.0001.0001.0560 - Graeme Harry Chapman [PDF 60KB]
POL.0001.0001.0425 - Graeme Stewart Waugh [PDF 61KB]
POL.0001.0001.0131 - Graham Cann [PDF 50KB]
POL.0001.0001.0545 - Graham Crowther [PDF 134KB]
POL.0001.0001.0505 - Graham Setterberg [PDF 34KB]
POL.0001.0001.0319 - Grahame Turner [PDF 43KB]
POL.0001.0001.0114 - Granada Day [PDF 103KB]
POL.0001.0001.0092 - Harry Rex Pearsall [PDF 88KB]
POL.9000.0001.0069 - Harry Tan [PDF 279KB]
POL.9000.0001.0375 - Heather Mildred [PDF 45KB]
POL.0001.0001.0122 - Henry Layland Clarke [PDF 110KB]
POL.0001.0001.0558 - Hugh Drum [PDF 45KB]
POL.0001.0001.0252 - Ian Gill [PDF 85KB]
POL.0001.0001.0414 - Ian Leslie Brander [PDF 74KB]
POL.0001.0001.0464 - Ian Pendleton [PDF 49KB]
POL.9000.0001.0578 - Industry Super Australia Pty Ltd [PDF 208KB]
POL.0001.0001.0360 - James Edward Hazzard [PDF 48KB]
POL.0001.0001.0117 - James Frederick Haw [PDF 54KB]
POL.0001.0001.0228 - James Graham Niccol [PDF 40KB]
POL.0001.0001.0562 - James Tom Anthony Arnold [PDF 65KB]
POL.0001.0001.0475 - Janet Thomasina Cowden [PDF 45KB]
POL.0001.0001.0087 - Janis Christine Boyd [PDF 107KB]
POL.0001.0001.0225 - Jason Anthony Rapp [PDF 58KB]
POL.0001.0001.0532 - Jean Helen Robinson [PDF 79KB]
POL.0001.0001.0459 - Jean-Francois Hirschy [PDF 38KB]
POL.0001.0001.0277 - Jennifer Pickard [PDF 42KB]
POL.0001.0001.0169 - Jeremy Beck [PDF 68KB]
POL.0001.0001.0517 - Jocelyn Constance Mckenzie [PDF 52KB]
POL.0001.0001.0312 - John Alexander [PDF 33KB]
POL.0001.0001.0527 - John Allison Elliott [PDF 36KB]
POL.9000.0001.0134 - John Cosstick [PDF 152KB]
POL.0001.0001.0175 - John Hanna [PDF 60KB]
POL.0001.0001.0253 - John Hc Boyd [PDF 68KB]
POL.0001.0001.0492 - John Henry Lauridsen [PDF 63KB]
POL.9000.0001.0244 - John Loiterton [PDF 43KB]
POL.0001.0001.0598 - John Mountney [PDF 80KB]
POL.0001.0001.0129 - John Pathinathan [PDF 67KB]
POL.0001.0001.0339 - John Weber [PDF 46KB]
POL.0001.0001.0355 - Jorge Roshkov [PDF 112KB]
POL.0001.0001.0601 - Judith Sudholz [PDF 69KB]
POL.0001.0001.0424 - Kamal [PDF 65KB]
POL.0001.0001.0189 - Karen Spencer [PDF 55KB]
POL.0001.0001.0223 - Kathleen Merle Koschel [PDF 46KB]
POL.0001.0001.0293 - Keira [PDF 106KB]
POL.0001.0001.0537 - Keith Kerr [PDF 42KB]
POL.0001.0001.0409 - Kenneth Gosney [PDF 40KB]
POL.0001.0001.0441 - Kenton Bruce Huxtable [PDF 65KB]
POL.0001.0001.0242 - Kiro Dimeski [PDF 37KB]
POL.0001.0001.0302 - Kirsten Muir [PDF 60KB]
POL.0001.0001.0349 - Klaus Gerhard Clapinski [PDF 49KB]
POL.0001.0001.0434 - Kylie Gillespie [PDF 42KB]
POL.0001.0001.0142 - Lane Cove Council [PDF 130KB]
POL.0001.0001.0237 - Larry Green [PDF 76KB]
POL.0001.0001.0533 - Lars Thystrup [PDF 48KB]
POL.0001.0001.0088 - Laura Mcdonough [PDF 137KB]
POL.9000.0001.0570 - Leanne Bull [PDF 1202KB]
POL.0001.0001.0232 - Leigh Goodchild [PDF 40KB]
POL.0001.0001.0323 - Leonia Picone [PDF 41KB]
POL.9000.0001.0063 - Lesley Jeannette Anderson [PDF 71KB]
POL.0001.0001.0594 - Lidia Laura Kardos [PDF 82KB]
POL.0001.0001.0502 - Linda Polic [PDF 91KB]
POL.0001.0001.0531 - Linda Polic [PDF 130KB]
POL.0001.0001.0022 - Loretta Woolston [PDF 134KB]
POL.0001.0001.0217 - Louis Poulter [PDF 36KB]
POL.0001.0001.0276 - Malcolm Boxall [PDF 47KB]
POL.0001.0001.0448 - Margaret [Meg] Thornton [PDF 59KB]
POL.0001.0001.0186 - Margaret Baltatzidis [PDF 40KB]
POL.0001.0001.0099 - Margaret Pinder [PDF 175KB]
POL.0001.0001.0351 - Mark Best [PDF 54KB]
POL.0001.0001.0208 - Mark Smith [PDF 58KB]
POL.0001.0001.0415 - Martin Cash [PDF 36KB]
POL.0001.0001.0372 - Mary Kellett [PDF 33KB]
POL.0001.0001.0478 - Max Aleckson [PDF 41KB]
POL.0001.0001.0436 - Max Goulter [PDF 115KB]
POL.0001.0001.0440 - Michael Ayling [PDF 53KB]
POL.9000.0001.0067 - Michael Gilligan [PDF 144KB]
POL.0001.0001.0254 - Michael J Clayton [PDF 49KB]
POL.0001.0001.0498 - Michael James O'shannessy [PDF 84KB]
POL.0001.0001.0037 - Michael John Stone [PDF 199KB]
POL.0001.0001.0130 - Michael Lozo [PDF 53KB]
POL.0001.0001.0342 - Michael Patrick Burns [PDF 77KB]
POL.0001.0001.0059 - Michael Wolf [PDF 59KB]
POL.0001.0001.0579 - Milton Block [PDF 112KB]
POL.0001.0001.0241 - Monty Woodbridge [PDF 67KB]
POL.0001.0001.0082 - Morgwn Wood [PDF 65KB]
POL.0001.0001.0586 - Mrs Kay Christensen [PDF 67KB]
POL.0001.0001.0007 - Name Withheld [PDF 187KB]
POL.0001.0001.0010 - Name Withheld [PDF 36KB]
POL.0001.0001.0011 - Name Withheld [PDF 63KB]
POL.0001.0001.0012 - Name Withheld [PDF 45KB]
POL.0001.0001.0015 - Name Withheld [PDF 109KB]
POL.0001.0001.0016 - Name Withheld [PDF 49KB]
POL.0001.0001.0017 - Name Withheld [PDF 93KB]
POL.0001.0001.0021 - Name Withheld [PDF 97KB]
POL.0001.0001.0030 - Name Withheld [PDF 80KB]
POL.0001.0001.0031 - Name Withheld [PDF 123KB]
POL.9000.0001.0033 - Name Withheld [PDF 758KB]
POL.0001.0001.0044 - Name Withheld [PDF 140KB]
POL.0001.0001.0045 - Name Withheld [PDF 54KB]
POL.0001.0001.0049 - Name Withheld [PDF 54KB]
POL.0001.0001.0052 - Name Withheld [PDF 50KB]
POL.0001.0001.0054 - Name Withheld [PDF 40KB]
POL.0001.0001.0057 - Name Withheld [PDF 61KB]
POL.0001.0001.0060 - Name Withheld [PDF 99KB]
POL.0001.0001.0061 - Name Withheld [PDF 115KB]
POL.0001.0001.0064 - Name Withheld [PDF 164KB]
POL.9000.0001.0071 - Name Withheld [PDF 41KB]
POL.0001.0001.0072 - Name Withheld [PDF 61KB]
POL.0001.0001.0077 - Name Withheld [PDF 70KB]
POL.0001.0001.0081 - Name Withheld [PDF 49KB]
POL.9000.0001.0086 - Name Withheld [PDF 647KB]
POL.9000.0001.0094 - Name Withheld [PDF 247KB]
POL.0001.0001.0095 - Name Withheld [PDF 71KB]
POL.0001.0001.0096 - Name Withheld [PDF 104KB]
POL.0001.0001.0104 - Name Withheld [PDF 63KB]
POL.0001.0001.0111 - Name Withheld [PDF 77KB]
POL.0001.0001.0118 - Name Withheld [PDF 55KB]
POL.0001.0001.0120 - Name Withheld [PDF 59KB]
POL.0001.0001.0135 - Name Withheld [PDF 58KB]
POL.9000.0001.0145 - Name Withheld [PDF 160KB]
POL.0001.0001.0151 - Name Withheld [PDF 61KB]
POL.0001.0001.0155 - Name Withheld [PDF 68KB]
POL.0001.0001.0158 - Name Withheld [PDF 36KB]
POL.0001.0001.0165 - Name Withheld [PDF 74KB]
POL.0001.0001.0184 - Name Withheld [PDF 41KB]
POL.0001.0001.0190 - Name Withheld [PDF 58KB]
POL.0001.0001.0192 - Name Withheld [PDF 62KB]
POL.0001.0001.0194 - Name Withheld [PDF 46KB]
POL.0001.0001.0196 - Name Withheld [PDF 41KB]
POL.0001.0001.0198 - Name Withheld [PDF 52KB]
POL.0001.0001.0201 - Name Withheld [PDF 38KB]
POL.0001.0001.0209 - Name Withheld [PDF 38KB]
POL.0001.0001.0210 - Name Withheld [PDF 62KB]
POL.0001.0001.0213 - Name Withheld [PDF 46KB]
POL.0001.0001.0215 - Name Withheld [PDF 35KB]
POL.0001.0001.0222 - Name Withheld [PDF 44KB]
POL.0001.0001.0226 - Name Withheld [PDF 9KB]
POL.0001.0001.0234 - Name Withheld [PDF 50KB]
POL.0001.0001.0236 - Name Withheld [PDF 68KB]
POL.0001.0001.0246 - Name Withheld [PDF 65KB]
POL.0001.0001.0260 - Name Withheld [PDF 33KB]
POL.0001.0001.0265 - Name Withheld [PDF 40KB]
POL.0001.0001.0268 - Name Withheld [PDF 36KB]
POL.0001.0001.0269 - Name Withheld [PDF 36KB]
POL.0001.0001.0270 - Name Withheld [PDF 79KB]
POL.0001.0001.0274 - Name Withheld [PDF 75KB]
POL.0001.0001.0279 - Name Withheld [PDF 57KB]
POL.0001.0001.0285 - Name Withheld [PDF 58KB]
POL.0001.0001.0295 - Name Withheld [PDF 42KB]
POL.0001.0001.0309 - Name Withheld [PDF 106KB]
POL.0001.0001.0311 - Name Withheld [PDF 52KB]
POL.0001.0001.0324 - Name Withheld [PDF 49KB]
POL.0001.0001.0327 - Name Withheld [PDF 72KB]
POL.0001.0001.0330 - Name Withheld [PDF 49KB]
POL.0001.0001.0331 - Name Withheld [PDF 75KB]
POL.0001.0001.0334 - Name Withheld [PDF 60KB]
POL.9000.0001.0345 - Name Withheld [PDF 188KB]
POL.0001.0001.0346 - Name Withheld [PDF 51KB]
POL.0001.0001.0352 - Name Withheld [PDF 47KB]
POL.0001.0001.0361 - Name Withheld [PDF 37KB]
POL.0001.0001.0364 - Name Withheld [PDF 45KB]
POL.0001.0001.0365 - Name Withheld [PDF 41KB]
POL.0001.0001.0366 - Name Withheld [PDF 36KB]
POL.0001.0001.0368 - Name Withheld [PDF 43KB]
POL.0001.0001.0369 - Name Withheld [PDF 75KB]
POL.0001.0001.0373 - Name Withheld [PDF 42KB]
POL.0001.0001.0382 - Name Withheld [PDF 36KB]
POL.0001.0001.0384 - Name Withheld [PDF 54KB]
POL.0001.0001.0391 - Name Withheld [PDF 46KB]
POL.0001.0001.0395 - Name Withheld [PDF 41KB]
POL.0001.0001.0396 - Name Withheld [PDF 39KB]
POL.0001.0001.0397 - Name Withheld [PDF 36KB]
POL.0001.0001.0401 - Name Withheld [PDF 39KB]
POL.0001.0001.0407 - Name Withheld [PDF 44KB]
POL.0001.0001.0410 - Name Withheld [PDF 34KB]
POL.0001.0001.0422 - Name Withheld [PDF 151KB]
POL.0001.0001.0426 - Name Withheld [PDF 58KB]
POL.0001.0001.0435 - Name Withheld [PDF 35KB]
POL.0001.0001.0444 - Name Withheld [PDF 54KB]
POL.0001.0001.0466 - Name Withheld [PDF 68KB]
POL.0001.0001.0471 - Name Withheld [PDF 42KB]
POL.0001.0001.0474 - Name Withheld [PDF 38KB]
POL.0001.0001.0481 - Name Withheld [PDF 54KB]
POL.0001.0001.0482 - Name Withheld [PDF 120KB]
POL.0001.0001.0483 - Name Withheld [PDF 100KB]
POL.0001.0001.0486 - Name Withheld [PDF 63KB]
POL.0001.0001.0497 - Name Withheld [PDF 40KB]
POL.0001.0001.0499 - Name Withheld [PDF 46KB]
POL.0001.0001.0500 - Name Withheld [PDF 32KB]
POL.0001.0001.0540 - Name Withheld [PDF 56KB]
POL.0001.0001.0559 - Name Withheld [PDF 187KB]
POL.0001.0001.0568 - Name Withheld [PDF 38KB]
POL.0001.0001.0569 - Name Withheld [PDF 73KB]
POL.0001.0001.0574 - Name Withheld [PDF 79KB]
POL.0001.0001.0580 - Name Withheld [PDF 51KB]
POL.0001.0001.0583 - Name Withheld [PDF 59KB]
POL.0001.0001.0590 - Name Withheld [PDF 113KB]
POL.9000.0001.0603 - Name Withheld [PDF 35KB]
POL.0001.0001.0615 - Name Withheld [PDF 69KB]
POL.0001.0001.0621 - Name Withheld [PDF 34KB]
POL.0001.0001.0153 - Nathan Bray [PDF 43KB]
POL.0001.0001.0470 - Nathan Hansford [PDF 39KB]
POL.9000.0001.0593 - National Australia Bank [PDF 306KB]
POL.0001.0001.0068 - Naveen Sharma [PDF 91KB]
POL.0001.0001.0348 - Neil Bayden Lehmann [PDF 63KB]
POL.0001.0001.0266 - Neil Richard Eastway [PDF 61KB]
POL.0001.0001.0381 - Nicholas Culling [PDF 39KB]
POL.0001.0001.0056 - Nick Smith [PDF 57KB]
POL.0001.0001.0239 - Nigel Lacey [PDF 196KB]
POL.9000.0001.0147 - Noel Gregory Butland [PDF 62KB]
POL.0001.0001.0328 - Noel Stratford [PDF 104KB]
POL.0001.0001.0551 - Noelene Knopke [PDF 89KB]
POL.0001.0001.0316 - Patricia Mcinnes [PDF 46KB]
POL.0001.0001.0243 - Patrick Howard [PDF 51KB]
POL.0001.0001.0006 - Patrick Ohare [PDF 38KB]
POL.0001.0001.0529 - Paul Aubrey Dwyer [PDF 130KB]
POL.0001.0001.0284 - Paul Badcock [PDF 48KB]
POL.0001.0001.0344 - Paul Best [PDF 34KB]
POL.0001.0001.0036 - Paul Gallagher [PDF 54KB]
POL.0001.0001.0042 - Paul Hayes [PDF 51KB]
POL.0001.0001.0573 - Paul Loiterton [PDF 58KB]
POL.0001.0001.0123 - Perry Jasper [PDF 96KB]
POL.0001.0001.0124 - Perry Jasper [PDF 64KB]
POL.9000.0001.0043 - Peter Albert Howells [PDF 20KB]
POL.9000.0001.0113 - Peter Beck [PDF 194KB]
POL.0001.0001.0335 - Peter Charles Cook [PDF 36KB]
POL.0001.0001.0080 - Peter Cooper [PDF 76KB]
POL.9000.0001.0051 - Peter Dyki [PDF 82KB]
POL.0001.0001.0370 - Peter Eggers [PDF 61KB]
POL.9000.0001.0400 - Peter Greening [PDF 133KB]
POL.0001.0001.0387 - Peter Harwood [PDF 61KB]
POL.0001.0001.0245 - Peter James Pendlebury [PDF 84KB]
POL.0001.0001.0282 - Peter John Johnston [PDF 56KB]
POL.0001.0001.0259 - Peter Kirk [PDF 37KB]
POL.0001.0001.0127 - Peter Robert Rolliston [PDF 524KB]
POL.0001.0001.0202 - Philip Chetcuti [PDF 44KB]
POL.9000.0001.0609 - Platinum Investment Management Limited [PDF 165KB]
POL.0001.0001.0119 - Rachel Skelton [PDF 61KB]
POL.0001.0001.0177 - Ray Gala [PDF 50KB]
POL.0001.0001.0354 - Ray Weeks [PDF 45KB]
POL.0001.0001.0178 - Reea Pawley [PDF 43KB]
POL.0001.0001.0565 - Reinhard Schemmann [PDF 91KB]
POL.9000.0001.0572 - Rice Warner Actuaries [PDF 465KB]
POL.0001.0001.0318 - Richard Bardon [PDF 96KB]
POL.0001.0001.0408 - Richard Bruce Nicholls [PDF 45KB]
POL.0001.0001.0511 - Richard French [PDF 58KB]
POL.0001.0001.0205 - Richard Gary Brown [PDF 59KB]
POL.0001.0001.0411 - Rick Louder [PDF 41KB]
POL.0001.0001.0084 - Rita St Clair [PDF 110KB]
POL.0001.0001.0238 - Robert [PDF 38KB]
POL.9000.0001.0555 - Robert Drake [PDF 105KB]
POL.0001.0001.0065 - Robert Gordon [PDF 149KB]
POL.0001.0001.0079 - Robert Gordon [PDF 157KB]
POL.0001.0001.0437 - Robert M Dealtry [PDF 76KB]
POL.0001.0001.0207 - Robert Marotta [PDF 42KB]
POL.0001.0001.0180 - Robert Poppi [PDF 40KB]
POL.0001.0001.0200 - Robert Whalley [PDF 34KB]
POL.0001.0001.0224 - Rod Force [PDF 59KB]
POL.0001.0001.0489 - Rod Lewis [PDF 88KB]
POL.9000.0001.0027 - Rodney Bruce Ofarrell [PDF 71KB]
POL.0001.0001.0428 - Roger Hall [PDF 77KB]
POL.0001.0001.0338 - Ron Sandilands [PDF 52KB]
POL.0001.0001.0281 - Ronald Chandler [PDF 62KB]
POL.0001.0001.0321 - Ronald Hardie [PDF 39KB]
POL.0001.0001.0332 - Rosemary Trudeau [PDF 37KB]
POL.0001.0001.0453 - Roy Moosa [PDF 55KB]
POL.9000.0001.0421 - Sam Hansen [PDF 188KB]
POL.0001.0001.0301 - Sam Warne [PDF 65KB]
POL.0001.0001.0271 - Samuel James Parr [PDF 36KB]
POL.0001.0001.0193 - Samuel Lackey [PDF 57KB]
POL.0001.0001.0014 - Sandra Ann Campbell [PDF 104KB]
POL.0001.0001.0058 - Sandra Mel [PDF 130KB]
POL.0001.0001.0188 - Saul Benedict Freedman [PDF 50KB]
POL.0001.0001.0148 - Scott Kirwan [PDF 142KB]
POL.0001.0001.0304 - Scott William Mcewan [PDF 55KB]
POL.0001.0001.0454 - Sean Dewling [PDF 47KB]
POL.0001.0001.0376 - Sergio Mason [PDF 67KB]
POL.0001.0001.0251 - Shane Burgess [PDF 38KB]
POL.0001.0001.0160 - Shane Chellis [PDF 79KB]
POL.0001.0001.0149 - Shane Osmond Chellis [PDF 104KB]
POL.0001.0001.0356 - Shannon Stevens [PDF 44KB]
POL.0001.0001.0412 - Sharon Baragry [PDF 36KB]
POL.0001.0001.0280 - Shaun Stoddart [PDF 38KB]
POL.0001.0001.0374 - Shawna Warne [PDF 50KB]
POL.0001.0001.0163 - Simon Joseph Hall [PDF 53KB]
POL.0001.0001.0171 - Sleiman Yohanna [PDF 52KB]
POL.0001.0001.0132 - Sonya Verning [PDF 69KB]
POL.0001.0001.0358 - Stephen Harding [PDF 63KB]
POL.9000.0001.0473 - Stephen Kardos [PDF 15KB]
POL.0001.0001.0468 - Steve Hunter [PDF 60KB]
POL.9000.0001.0112 - Steve Kordatos [PDF 57KB]
POL.0001.0001.0604 - Steveh [PDF 114KB]
POL.0001.0001.0167 - Steven Bird [PDF 40KB]
POL.0001.0001.0157 - Steven Carr [PDF 64KB]
POL.9000.0001.0539 - Stockspot [PDF 122KB]
POL.0001.0001.0325 - Suzanne Vasanji [PDF 37KB]
POL.0001.0001.0406 - Teodora Nagy [PDF 42KB]
POL.0001.0001.0427 - Terence Douglas [PDF 74KB]
POL.0001.0001.0125 - Terry Fraser [PDF 71KB]
POL.9000.0001.0577 - The Association Of Superannuation Funds Of Australia (ASFA) [PDF 4477KB]
POL.9000.0001.0606 - The Australian Banking Association [PDF 146KB]
POL.9000.0001.0038 - The Investment Collective [PDF 2706KB]
POL.9000.0001.0554 - Thomas Clarke [PDF 623KB]
POL.0001.0001.0286 - Thomas Joseph Nelson [PDF 42KB]
POL.0001.0001.0039 - Thomas Ronald Adams [PDF 188KB]
POL.0001.0001.0363 - Timothy James De Beaux [PDF 45KB]
POL.0001.0001.0195 - Tony Halpin [PDF 38KB]
POL.9000.0001.0501 - Treasury [PDF 690KB]
POL.0001.0001.0340 - Trenton Caust [PDF 51KB]
POL.9000.0001.0314 - Trevor Ward [PDF 2218KB]
POL.9000.0001.0553 - Twu Nominees Atf Twusuper [PDF 170KB]
POL.9000.0001.0024 - Valerie Frame [PDF 27KB]
POL.0001.0001.0299 - Vanessa Sally Errol [PDF 50KB]
POL.9000.0001.0020 - Victor Diduk [PDF 473KB]
POL.9000.0001.0596 - Vincent Maxwell [PDF 76KB]
POL.0001.0001.0231 - Walter Hess [PDF 37KB]
POL.9000.0001.0592 - Westpac Banking Corporation [PDF 2841KB]
POL.0001.0001.0326 - William Adams [PDF 48KB]
POL.0001.0001.0336 - William Arthur Dagger [PDF 88KB]
POL.0001.0001.0563 - William Beatts-Rattray [PDF 45KB]
POL.0001.0001.0439 - William Boeder [PDF 94KB]
POL.0001.0001.0216 - William Charles Best [PDF 34KB]
POL.0001.0001.0404 - William Ingrey [PDF 42KB]
POL.0001.0001.0294 - William Paul Jones [PDF 161KB]
POL.0001.0001.0362 - William Robert Ifield [PDF 69KB]
POL.9000.0001.0600 - Wilson Sy [PDF 1438KB]
POL.0001.0001.0350 - Win Martin [PDF 40KB]
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