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Natasha, you've just written my life for the past 4 years. I've made it to to Court of Appeal representing myself against Westpac and a judgment is expected soon. The dispute arose when Westpac paid over $22k from the principal in my mortgage account (so really $116k inc $95k interest which I would have to pay again to pay off my mortgage) to a third party (lawyer) for a fraudulent claim. Westpac's position has been that (a) it has the right to make such payments "at any time" and is not bound by the contractual clause that requires it to "first ask" and (b) that it has authority over the customer to decide how and who sells a customer's property. I'm sure this will be news to the millions of Westpac, Bank of Melbourne and St George customers affected. It is totally bonkers. The only reason the bank pursued this idiocy is because to these people, a middle aged woman from Melbourne's northern suburbs, is a voiceless nobody, and of course its confidence that the courts will blindly accept everything its lawyers put before it (the courts are grossly biased against self represented litigants). No compensation will ever be enough to repay me for the life I've lost and the stress I've suffered. But I intend to hold every single last one of them to account, including the Chairman, Lindsay Maxstead, who is well aware of this case. Naming and shaming is the only real way to improve things and I don't need the court for that. Look out for my upcoming book "The Anderson Matter". It's a rivetting story.