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  • Charles Ponzi created a new topic ' CBA AGM: Victims vs the Board' in the forum.
    Bank Victim Craig & the bank reform gang do the CBA Bank AGM

    HOT OFF THE PRESS - Craig Caulfield has been battling to get justice from the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) for nine years. He has just sent us his latest on the first bank - CBA - to feel the power of the people during the AGM phase of the campaign. There are other banking events over the next few weeks. Join in. Here is what Craig had to say -
    Article Information
    Banking News
    Craig Caufield - CBA Bank Victim
    Bank Reform Now Guest Article
    Date First Published:
    12 Nov 2018
    Posted By
    Peter Brandson
    12 Nov 2018 - 5:54pm
    Peter Brandson's picture
    CBA AGM hears the truth from Bank Warriors
    Bank warriors are showing Australia every day that - people power works.

    People-power always has and always will work. As long as we unite and work together. Craig Caulfield and the other bank warriors are doing a great job. Below he explains the plan, what happened at the CBA AGM and what you can do over the next few weeks. Bank Reform Now (BRN) have also put some transcript excerpts below. BRN disagrees with CBA bank Chairwoman Catherine Livingstone. The bank's AGM is exactly where the board and shareholders need to hear about serious unresolved issues.

    Over to Craig -

    I always considered the Board and Chair to be relatively insulated from criticisms of the banks failures relative to the executive. Yet so much of the directions and actions and culture in the banks is orchestrated by the boards.

    I had a hunch the AGMs were coming up and so had a brief discussion with Selwyn Krepp where we decided attending and questioning the directors must form part of our strategy to hold directors accountable.

    I didn't own CBA shares and couldn't afford to buy any however my daughter bought a minimum parcel online and appointed me her proxy. This allowed me to ask questions of the Chair and Board. I asked about why my case had been through 23 Senior Managers and executives over 9 years and I had still not been resolved. After all - I told them my offer to pay all arrears, many years earlier was refused, whereupon CBA immediately initiated court proceedings to repossess our home (tin tractor shed) and farm.

    When I raised LAF fraud and cut and pasted signatures Catherine Livingstone quickly referred me to the CEO Matt Comyn who agreed to meet me at the conclusion of the AGM. (Now that's one way to get a meeting). Tasha also arranged a meeting with Matt Comyn.

    We all were able to mingle and meet other directors and we all briefly met the Chair. Selwyn handed over a folder of 18 letters that he had express delivered to the Board over the last 2 years that had not been responded to.

    Each of us got to ask a question directly to the Board and interact with them for a few minutes. This was the whole point of attending.

    At registration security took extra care knowing who we were. They assured us we could ask our questions so long as we treated the Board and proceedings with respect. We acted respectfully and got our questions up. Security was watching each of us throughout the event

    I hope this is the first of many and I encourage you to attend your financial institutions AGM just like we did. Here are some dates -
    2018 Bank AGMs

    Bendigo Bank has one of its branch's AGM (Trafalgar, Vic) - 15th of November at the Baw Baw Arts Alliance, Trafalgar Railway station at 7 pm

    BOQ - Brisbane on 29th of November - Level 5 Hilton Hotel Brisbane

    Westpac - Perth on 12th of December - at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre, commencing at 10:00am (Perth time). The AGM will be webcast live on the Westpac website.

    NAB - Melbourne on 19th of December

    ANZ - Perth on 19th of December

    Its easy to find details of any other banks AGMs on google - (please confirm the details yourself).

    Why do you think ANZ and Westpac are holding their AGMs so far away in Perth? We can handle it - the warriors are heading over to Perth too. Anyone care to join us?

    If you wish to attend and put questions to the board then try and find family or a friend who owns shares and can appoint you proxy. Otherwise you can buy the minimum qualifying online parcel of $500.

    Consider also purchasing shares and appointing others as proxy to raise your case. Keep in mind an AGM is not the usual forum for raising bank disputes (as the chair politely reminded me). However taking 9 years and 23 managers meant I had no other choice than raise it here (as I politely reminded the chair).

    At the CBA AGM Carolyn Thomson (ANZ victim) was totally selfless in being proxy for Selwyn's grandkids in describing how the effects of bank wrong-doing effects wider family members and perhaps even greater on younger children. Carolyn's questions were emotionally raw courageous and provoking. In fact 4 senior officers of CBA approached her offering assistance

    Stephen Weller put the interests of our bank warrior community ahead of his own case (which was one of only 27 raised at the Hayne Banking Royal Commission) by raising our need to be heard.

    If you wish to listen to proceedings go to CBA's website and search AGMs. Cameras remained focused on the board but you will hear our names announced and our voices (Selwyn's you couldn't possibly miss being the loudest).


    Warrior Tony Di Donato also contacted BRN about the AGM - here is what he wants you to know -

    We were able to confront the board members in particular Matt Comyn (CEO) and Catherine Livingstone (Chair) at question time in front of 1,000 shareholders. It was a razor sharp approach to have our individual matters aired publicly with the Chairperson and CEO being held accountable. They knew our issues had to be dealt with. A power shift is occurring.

    There was an honest willingness on the day from Matt Comyn to meet with me. He acknowledged he knew my matter and within 24 hours of the AGM a date and time had been made with me for follow up negotiations.

    It was for all who attended probably the biggest step forward in our individual matters, but best of all - the bank realises that victims and concerned citizens are now organised. Our collective voice is loud and we will not be silenced until justice has been done.

    Bank Warriors CBA AGM
    The Bank Warriors at CBA AGM (left). Craig Caulfield meets CBA Chair Catherine Livingstone (right)

    CBA AGM Transcript Excerpts - Selwyn Krepp & Craig Caulfield

    OFFICER: I would like to introduce Mr Selwyn Krepp who is a shareholder.

    Selwyn Krepp: I've travelled from Melbourne today to specifically meet with you one-on-one. I welcome the opportunity to present questions. Whilst I'm a shareholder, I'm also a victim and I want to pay compliment to Matt Comyn who has personally met with me and our discussions are ongoing. Thank you, Matt. I look forward to hearing from you very soon. OK, back to you, Lady Chairman. I would like to know or get you to explain to me, what is the board's methodology in the receiving of complaints, both being recorded, processed and resolved? The reason I ask is I don't wish to blame Aussie Post. I've got a document here that I want to present to you which is a copy of all my express delivery post to say you in person and in your reply I'd like to see action not lip service.

    CATHERINE LIVINGSTONE: I think as Matt pointed out in his address, and I can confirm from the board's perspective, that the whole process around complaints has been a key area of focus and, in fact, has been an area of focus since I came into the chair to understand what the process is and to how to understand how we respond to customers but also how we learn from that process, what are the systemic issue that is the process reveals. Rather than fixing issues that relate to one individual customer, how can we understand better what might be affecting many customers. Matt has elevated the importance of managing customer complaints and as he said, the Deputy CEO, David Cohen, will now be overseeing that whole area. So it could not be receiving more attention.

    Selwyn Krepp: First l, I would like you to acknowledge to me why you have not responded to any of my correspondence.

    CATHERINE LIVINGSTONE: I will have a look at that. I've only been in the role for two years so I will look at what I should have responded to you in that time. If I can get those details I will investigate.

    Selwyn Krepp: If I can give it to you in front of presses so I can get a photo so I can show my colleagues, family and friends back in Melbourne. At the same time you have got any of your staff here from Comm Insure, particularly the MD, if she's available I have similar to present to her.

    CATHERINE LIVINGSTONE: As you say, we will have a moment after the meeting to get together. Thank you very much.

    OFFICER: I would like to introduce Craig Caulfield who is a proxy for his daughter Olivia Caulfield, who is a shareholder.

    Craig Caulfield: Hello. Unfortunately I'm here today because I've had a dispute with the Commonwealth Bank for nine years. I've had 23 senior managers and executives looking at and investigate my dispute. I am getting no satisfaction whatsoever over all of that time. In 2010 I asked for financial hardship and the bank refused. In 2013, my wife and I struggled but we offered to pay the arrears we had on our loan and the Commonwealth Bank refused. On the same day, we offered ANZ, who accepted that, and we've kept good on that loan to this day. Dealing with 23 different senior managers at every level, including recently up to Mr Comyn, it's simply a failure and there's a disconnection between the board and the management and what's going on.

    I hear all these good news things that you're saying. But it's not getting through. I've written to the board and I've written to you, Ms Livingstone in 2016, you may be aware of my case, and I didn't get a reply. It was sent back to Mr Narev and his team and it was a total failure. My loan documentation has 27 items of fraud. My signatures have been cut and pasted. The current customer advocate who is dealing with it said, yes, they would get a forensic document examiner involved. Now for two or three months now, since I said I need to be involved in that process, which is part of the requirements, they've been silent on that.

    I mean when is our nine-year nightmare going to end? When Mr Comyn has referred me over to the customer advocate, that's not working for me. It's not working for me with Mr Comyn if he's not going to meet with me. So I would like to meet with you, Ms Livingstone. I want you to look at my case. But you need to be looking at cases like mine, the whole board does, to get an understanding at the coal face because everything is showing that it's not working. For example, in April 2016, Mr Cohen said to a parliamentary inquiry that Speak Up is an independent view of investigating fraud. Well it's far from that. I've got extensive notes on it and what Speak Up does is pick up a plastic telephone receiver where the telephone is plugged into their office and they refer it straight back to the CBA.

    CATHERINE LIVINGSTONE: I'm obviously very sorry to hear about your circumstances, and, yes, I am aware of your case. As I've said before, AGM is not the appropriate forum in which to discuss private matters but I know that Matt has been aware of your case and there will be an opportunity to meet but, Matt, I don't know if you want to comment.

    MATT COMYN: I am very well of your particular case and recognise the long-standing nature of the matter. As you said, it's currently with the customer advocate and there's members from that team here today. I'm very happy to meet you in person after the conclusion of the meeting. I can assure you that the review that's being done by the customer advocate team will be reviewed by myself personally in matters such as yours which are of a long-standing nature and are quite serious, as you've outlined, they're also the sorts of issues that I regularly update the chair on.

    Read More About Craig Caulfield's Banking Horror Story
    Craig Caulfield - CBA Bank Victim


    BRN Comments -

    Now you might think that the Directors, CEOs and other bankers might be upset about bank activists with guts and determination standing up for themselves to demand justice - not just for themselves but for the many others that have also been harmed. Well I don't think so. Craig, Selwyn, Tash, Tony, Carolyn and the others are all good people. They don't deserve to be abused, harmed and taken advantage of. Many of the bankers we have been speaking to are genuinely shocked at the abuses we are asking them to review. Bankers are human to. Yes - there are some that have absolutely no empathy or regard toward the customers their banks have harmed. Those are a different kettle of fish. Reasoned argument and discussion has no effect on those people. They continue on with the tired old ways of Deny, Delay, Deceive. They will soon learn that it just won't work anymore.

    We are making immense progress. Significant legacy cases are being worked on right now by all four major banks. The House Economics Committee specifically wanted to use settlement of legacy cases as a measure of the banks' commitment and progress in reforming their old ways.

    If you haven't registered on the BRN Facebook page and website please do so - we have important updates planned ..... and we have an election in 2019 - our politicians will also be held to account - particularly those that refuse to support a longer and stronger Banking Royal Commission.

    See links below - including - Tash Keys' great Expose - Unconscionable Banking Laid Bare.
    - Complete Transcript of CBA in the dock at House Economics Committee CEO grilling.
    - Bank Victim Horror Stories
    - Sign the Petition to Expand the Royal Commission
    Websites For More Information:
    Bank Victim's Horror Stories Exposed At Parliament House (link is external)
    Sign the Petition for an extended Royal Commission (link is external)
    Related Links:
    Craig Caulfield - Victim of CBA
    CBA In The Dock - Big4 Banks Review
    Unconscionable Banking Laid Bare

  • Charles Ponzi created a new topic ' FOS' Justi Tonti Filipini gone' in the forum.

    Regulators’ culture in question

    Richard Gluyas
    Business Correspondent
    12:00AM May 17, 2018

    Poor culture in large corporations has never been under more intense scrutiny, with the damning review of Commonwealth Bank by an APRA panel and the extraordinary implosion of AMP in the wake of last month’s royal commission hearings on financial advice.

    But what of the culture inside our regulators and powerful quasi-judicial bodies, such as the industry funded Financial Ombudsman Service?

    As the Australian Financial Complaints Authority — the one-stop shop for all financial complaints and disputes — absorbs FOS and starts hearing complaints by November 1, there are serious, lingering concerns about the discovery of inaccurate file notes made in 2015 by a senior FOS official, Justi Tonti-Filippini.
    Read Next

    Left’s assault pure ignorance
    Gerard Henderson

    While Tonti-Filippini had the title Ombudsman Decisions and was mentioned in the body’s 2017 annual report, a FOS staffer told Four Pillars she no longer worked there.

    Despite this, the fallout continues from her controversial handling of the case brought by toy and kite maker Goldie Marketing against ANZ Bank.

    Rex Patrick, a Centre Alliance (formerly Nick Xenophon Team) senator, says he’s been in discussions with Financial Services Minister Kelly O’Dwyer about expanding AFCA’s terms of reference to include procedural fairness, as well as other administrative tribunal standards.

    “I hold concerns in relation to this and am continuing my discussions with the minister on this issue,” Patrick says.

    The core issue is a series of telephone conversations in October 2014 between Tonti-Filippini and Goldie’s adviser Bruce Ford of Dispute Assist, in which the ombudsman told Ford she was ruling the case outside FOS’s terms of reference because of a staff shortage.

    In particular, there was a lack of key staff with banking expertise.

    Ford was stunned and Goldie decided to up the ante, arguing in the Victorian Supreme Court that a staff shortage was not a valid reason to decline jurisdiction.

    When FOS lodged its documents with the court, the case took an unexpected turn.

    Tonti-Filippini’s file notes suggested that she had provided a host of other reasons for declining to hear the case.

    The problem for FOS was that Ford had recorded the conversations — for his own legal protection and that of his client.

    While the court accepted the recordings were accurate, it nevertheless upheld FOS’s ruling that the Goldie case was outside its terms of reference. Importantly, however, the court didn’t rely on the file notes from Tonti-Filippini; it ruled instead that her later written reasons were sound.

    The matter did not end there.

    ASIC, which oversees FOS, was subsequently forced to correct the parliamentary record when it told a committee that the Supreme Court had considered the issue of the divergence between the tape recordings and the FOS file notes.

    In a subsequent letter to Ford, ASIC deputy chairman Peter Kell accepted that this was not the case.

    FOS said in a written response to questions from this column that it did not comment on staffing, and that the issues in the Goldie case had been “fully canvassed and addressed”.

    “At the time the issue was raised — following the court’s decision upholding FOS’s decision making — FOS made clear it did not agree with the assertions or that there were any implications for the fair, efficient and independent operation of FOS’s dispute scheme,” the statement said.

    FOS said it had dealt with 100,000 dispute cases since the Goldie matter, both in line with its terms of reference and as a fair, timely and impartial dispute resolution scheme.

    The service might retain complete confidence in itself, but others are not so sure.

    Word on the street

    After his kind offer to help AMP renew its board, perhaps with a little more zeal than the company anticipated, financial services royal commissioner Ken Hayne now turns his attention to bank lending to the small and medium-sized business sector.

    The show kicks off on Monday and continues until the close of business on Friday, June 1.

    As with the previous round of hearings on financial advice, some initial scene-setting rules out the prospect of immediate fireworks.

    The word on the street is that the first witness in the box on Monday morning will be Phil Khoury of the governance and accountability advisory group Cameron Ralph Khoury.

    Khoury is best known for his review of the Code of Banking Practice for Anna Bligh’s Australian Banking Association.

    The new code, which among other things requires banks to give at least three months’ notice to their small business customers if they’re planning to call in a loan facility, was sent to ASIC for approval in December.

    Khoury is expected to be asked if the framework provides sufficient protection for small business borrowers, which have long argued that their legal rights have been diluted by lopsided loan contracts.

    Since the 2008 financial crisis, various parliamentary committees have heard innumerable horror stories about interactions between SMEs and their lenders.

    However, as with previous hearings, it’s the internal bank emails that tend to wreak unanticipated havoc.

    There’s significant scope for the royal commission to locate unexploded ordnance.

    Bank lending to small business, defined as loans of less than $2 million, was worth $261 billion in 2015 — about 28 per cent of total lending to the business sector.

    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    Twitter: @Gluyasr

    2 days ago
  • Charles Ponzi created a new topic ' Debt Detective William Egdar' in the forum.
    ‘Debt Detective’ William Edgar slams ‘corrupt’ industry

    FOR years, William Edgar “bullied, intimidated and harassed” people for money — until one horrific tragedy opened his eyes.
    Alexis Carey 11, 201812:21am


    David Koch: Things to do if you're in debt danger

    FOR an entire decade, William Edgar made a decent living off the misery of others.

    As one of the best debt collectors in Australia, it was Mr Edgar’s job to “bully, intimidate and harass” Aussies who had fallen on hard times.

    Mr Edgar was one of the toughest in the business, and at the time, he was certain he was doing the right thing.

    • $40m chicken joint Aussies love

    • The Block result proof of housing crash

    • Mum stunned by Woolies mix-up

    “I always thought that they got themselves into the sh*t, so it was up to them to get out of it — and if they couldn’t, we had to force them,” he told

    But one day, a tragedy occurred.

    Mr Edgar had been “harassing” a woman over the phone over the payment of a traffic fine debt — and later heard she had taken her own life.

    “I was devastated — I come from a really hard, rough background myself, and when I heard the lady had taken her life, first off I blamed myself, thinking I had harassed, belittled and intimidated her to death,” he said.

    “That’s what woke me up — these people might actually be telling the truth.

    “She had other things going on in her life and I was just a contributor, but at the same time, nobody on the front line of debt collecting knows who they are dealing with — you don’t know if it’s a suicidal woman, there’s no care, concern or regard given; you’re just given a sheet of jobs and you have to fulfil a quota.”

    Mr Edgar was so shaken up by the woman’s death he started to take a closer look at Australia’s “billion dollar” debt collection industry — and he was shocked by what he found.

    He discovered the company he was working for purchased people’s debt in pools rather than individually for “next to nothing” — as little as 1 per cent of their total debt — and that most debts were insured.

    In other words, people were being hassled for no real reason.

    “I sat in an office with 50 people on phones threatening people and making millions for the company, and to find out it was all bulls**t, I was pretty shattered,” he said.

    As a result, Mr Edgar left the industry.
    Mr Edgar says many debts can be reduced or written off. Picture: Supplied

    Mr Edgar says many debts can be reduced or written off. Picture: SuppliedSource:Supplied

    “Unfortunately the system is set up for people to fail. It’s a bad system and it’s also corrupt,” he said.

    For the past 14 years, Mr Edgar has worked as a “debt detective” by helping the very people he once used to intimidate via his company, Freedom from Debt Collectors.

    “What I do is investigate the debt. If someone is being harassed over credit card debt from a few years ago, I can look into it and find out if the bank has actually insured the debt, had it underwritten and then sold the debt for little to nothing,” he said.

    “If a debt collector comes after the original amount and it has been written off, that means there is no debt.

    “The banks insure their debts — but they don’t tell people that.”

    Mr Edgar said there was often a lack of sympathy for people who had fallen into debt, as people believed it was the result of poor choices.

    But he said in reality, most people he dealt with were “average mums and dads” who owed just $15,000-$30,000 after a change in circumstances.

    He said credit card debt, school fees and “12 months interest free” buy now, pay later schemes were the most common ways people got into debt.

    “People fall into this, and it’s OK to say that people should be aware of their own circumstances, but that changes and things go wrong. People lose their jobs, have kids and their circumstances change,” Mr Edgar said.

    “Around half of my clients were in good paying jobs and owned businesses and houses and looked down on other people who couldn’t pay their debt and who never thought they would be in this position.”

    He said only a minority got into repeated debt, with most getting into trouble due to unexpected circumstances such as a car accident or medical bill.

    He said more education was needed to help young people become financially aware.

    And if you do find yourself in debt, Mr Edgar said it was essential to gather as much information as possible.

    “Demand further particulars — before you pay anything, demand factual evidence of the debt — who owns the debt? Was it purchased by debt collectors? How much is it for, how long ago was it accumulated and why?” he said.

    “If you have a $30,000 debt and the collector purchased it for $500, why weren’t you offered the same conditions?

    “If you push hard enough, it can be withdrawn, purchased back by the bank and legally written off.”

    - If you or someone you know is in need of crisis or suicide prevention support, please call Lifeline on 13 11 14 or visit

    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    3 days ago
  • Charles Ponzi created a new topic ' Ex ANZ Director John Dahlsen says' in the forum.
    Ex lawyer and director of the Herald Sun, Woolworths and ANZ John Dahlsen says:

    3 days ago
  • Charles Ponzi created a new topic ' Black Market Nuclear Weapons' in the forum.
    Nick McKenzie and the Supportive Residents file Submissions at the Senate Foreign Bribery Inquiry, the latter with selfies.

    4 days ago
  • Charles Ponzi created a new topic ' Gagging clauses aid and abet crime: UK MPs' in the forum.

    MPs say that individuals with a grievance against banks have been blocked from reporting concerns by oppressive legal agreements.

    Solicitors are helping banks to conceal potential criminal activity through onerous gagging clauses, a parliamentary debate has heard. MPs told a Westminster Hall debate last week that individuals with a grievance against banks have been blocked from reporting concerns to regulators or the police by oppressive legal agreements.

    The debate heard claims that banks have broken up businesses and destroyed livelihoods by acts of deliberate deception and fraud, systematic asset stripping and inflated charges and fees.

    Attention then turned to lawyers’ involvement when

    MPs discussed why so little has been done to curb or punish such behaviour.

    Conservative Stephen Kerr said: ‘We need to turn to the solicitors who are, quite frankly, aiding and abetting concealment of potential criminal activity by writing contracts that contain such onerous gagging clauses.

    ‘In essence, they are bullying victims into silence and preventing them from discussing their case with those who are there to protect them.’

    He added that the Solicitors Regulation Authority should issue ‘very firm guidance’ to prevent solicitors from contractually silencing allegations of criminal conduct.

    William Wragg, also a Conservative, said lawyers had been complicit in a ‘witch hunt to silence whistleblowers’ trying to expose misconduct by the banks.

    He noted that one bank sent a ‘top partner from one of the country’s best regarded law firms’ to a hearing in Cambridge County Court, for a case involving two people who had highlighted misconduct.

    5 days ago
  • Charles Ponzi created a new topic ' royal commission backroom data dump' in the forum.

    Andrew White
    Associate Editor
    2:03PM November 7, 2018

    Commonwealth Bank of Australia identified 17 major instances of misconduct and breaches of community standards among admissions from across the financial services industry when it was demanded by the royal commission ahead of this year’s hearings.

    The bank detailed its wrong doings and shortcomings from Storm Financial through to financial advice, foreign exchange trading and anti-money laundering terrorism financing in a 70-page document released by the commission Wednesday ahead of this months final round of hearings.

    CBA’s confession is just one of dozens released on Wednesday in a document dump that includes 96 companies, among them the big four banks, insurers such as QBE and Swiss Re, wealth management firms such as AMP and IOOF, superannuation funds including the Telstra staff fund, UniSuper, credit unions, professional associations, stockbrokers such as Bell Potter, and even security and cash handling company Chubb.
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    Elle Macpherson graces Derby Day
    Elise Pfeiffer

    The admissions were mostly delivered by a January 29 deadline and helped guide six rounds of hearings that have sent shockwaves through the financial services industry, regulators and the wider

    6 days ago
  • Charles Ponzi replied to the topic Terror Finance, Bank Backroom Evidence in the forum
    CBA’s confession is just one of dozens released on Wednesday in a document dump that includes 96 companies, among them the big four banks, insurers such as QBE and Swiss Re, wealth management firms such as AMP and IOOF, superannuation funds including the Telstra staff fund, UniSuper, credit unions, professional associations, stockbrokers such as Bell Potter, and even security and cash handling company Chubb.
    Read Next

    Elle Macpherson graces Derby Day
    Elise Pfeiffer

    The admissions were mostly delivered by a January 29 deadline and helped guide six rounds of hearings that have sent shockwaves through the financial services industry, regulators and the wider community.
    Andrew White
    Associate Editor
    2:03PM November 7, 2018

    Commonwealth Bank of Australia identified 17 major instances of misconduct and breaches of community standards among admissions from across the financial services industry when it was demanded by the royal commission ahead of this year’s hearings.

    The bank detailed its wrong doings and shortcomings from Storm Financial through to financial advice, foreign exchange trading and anti-money laundering terrorism financing in a 70-page document released by the commission Wednesday ahead of this months final round of hearings.

    CBA’s confession is just one of dozens released on Wednesday in a document dump that includes 96 companies, among them the big four banks, insurers such as QBE and Swiss Re, wealth management firms such as AMP and IOOF, superannuation funds including the Telstra staff fund, UniSuper, credit unions, professional associations, stockbrokers such as Bell Potter, and even security and cash handling company Chubb.
    Read Next

    Elle Macpherson graces Derby Day
    Elise Pfeiffer

    The admissions were mostly delivered by a January 29 deadline and helped guide six rounds of hearings that have sent shockwaves through the financial services industry, regulators and the wider community.

    6 days ago
  • Charles Ponzi created a new topic ' Links to some Submissions re Insurance' in the forum.
    Round 5 Superannuation submissions

    Written submissions on policy issues relating to the superannuation closed at 5pm on Friday 21 September 2018.

    These submissions are published without any adoption or endorsement by the Commission and without any comment by the Commission on the material contained in them.

    POL.0001.0001.0168 - Aaron Isherwood [PDF 61KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0229 - Adam Richard Nichols [PDF 49KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0262 - Adrian Collier [PDF 113KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0507 - Aileen Joyce Goldthorpe [PDF 43KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0070 - Airan Pevcic [PDF 91KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0591 - Alan [PDF 32KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0515 - Alan Francis Quirk [PDF 54KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0392 - Alan Francis Rider [PDF 51KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0413 - Alan Lutherborrough [PDF 35KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0379 - Alexander Joseph Walsh [PDF 44KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0447 - Alexander Kozlow [PDF 44KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0530 - Alfred Obrien [PDF 34KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0306 - Alison Zerk [PDF 39KB]
    POL.9000.0001.0159 - All Members Of Energy Industries Superannuation Scheme Pool B [PDF 159KB]
    POL.9000.0001.0599 - Amp Limited [PDF 295KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0182 - Andja Srzich [PDF 39KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0048 - Andrew Banks [PDF 75KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0263 - Andrew Coogan [PDF 62KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0109 - Andrew Shine [PDF 217KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0429 - Andrew Soulos [PDF 168KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0272 - Andrew Whyte [PDF 39KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0420 - Ann Cash [PDF 40KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0394 - Anna Pisckunov [PDF 40KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0462 - Anne Hern [PDF 83KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0496 - Annette Shields [PDF 41KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0287 - Anthony [PDF 34KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0541 - Anthony Allison [PDF 169KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0278 - Anthony Mantella [PDF 34KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0341 - Anthony Tomlinson [PDF 44KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0587 - Anthony Tweedie. [PDF 65KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0008 - Anton Tjioe [PDF 60KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0214 - Antonio Gullace [PDF 39KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0126 - April Waldron [PDF 46KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0204 - Arie Hartland [PDF 33KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0377 - Arthur Richard Schulz [PDF 40KB]
    POL.9000.0001.0139 - Ashish Garg [PDF 332KB]
    POL.9000.0001.0584 - Association Of Financial Advisers Limited [PDF 1716KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0333 - Association Of Independent Retirees [PDF 70KB]
    POL.9000.0001.0535 - Australia And New Zealand Banking Group Limited And Its Associated Entities [PDF 93KB]
    POL.9000.0001.0552 - Australian Greens [PDF 704KB]
    POL.9000.0001.0556 - Australian Institute Of Company Directors [PDF 546KB]
    POL.9000.0001.0585 - Australian Institute Of Superannuation Trustees [PDF 405KB]
    POL.9000.0001.0614 - Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) [PDF 1928KB]
    POL.9000.0001.0618 - Australian Securities And Investments Commission [PDF 498KB]
    POL.9000.0001.0522 - Australian Super [PDF 194KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0512 - Barbara Lawler [PDF 261KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0514 - Barbara Lawler [PDF 261KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0219 - Barbara Roy [PDF 41KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0337 - Barry Powell [PDF 107KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0582 - Benjamin Joel Pearce [PDF 42KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0290 - Bernadine Mccullagh [PDF 90KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0513 - Bernard Duffy [PDF 45KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0264 - Bevan James [PDF 109KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0055 - Brad Brown [PDF 53KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0403 - Brad Golding [PDF 55KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0230 - Bradley Halfacre [PDF 69KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0296 - Brenden Briese [PDF 34KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0487 - Brett Sanders [PDF 36KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0418 - Brian Davies [PDF 72KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0300 - Brian Parris [PDF 71KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0380 - Bruce Whitehead [PDF 101KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0206 - Carlos Boughton [PDF 41KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0212 - Carol Bailey [PDF 52KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0388 - Carol Ralston-Bryce [PDF 45KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0390 - Carol Ralston-Bryce [PDF 43KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0347 - Cathleen Meggitt [PDF 39KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0329 - Charles Stanger [PDF 57KB]
    POL.9000.0001.0098 - Cheryl Leijer [PDF 17KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0536 - Chris Mcdonald [PDF 45KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0564 - Civil Liberties, Consumer Rights, No-Tolls Political Party [PDF 102KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0247 - Cliff Longshaw [PDF 68KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0221 - Clive Waterman [PDF 39KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0197 - Colin Edwards [PDF 63KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0495 - Colin Horace Phillips [PDF 44KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0605 - Colin Parkhurst [PDF 58KB]
    POL.9000.0001.0608 - Colonial First State Investments Limited And Avanteos Investments Limited [PDF 850KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0116 - Connecting Every Dot Pty Ltd [PDF 84KB]
    POL.9000.0001.0576 - Connecting Every Dot Pty Ltd [PDF 127KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0393 - Craig Allan Dillon [PDF 50KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0567 - Craig Isherwood [PDF 109KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0297 - Cyril Martino [PDF 62KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0089 - Dan Reinhold [PDF 56KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0308 - Darryl E Bacon [PDF 39KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0371 - Darryl Joy [PDF 50KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0503 - David De Carlo [PDF 60KB]
    POL.9000.0001.0029 - David Hartley [PDF 239KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0557 - David John Bowden [PDF 46KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0367 - David John Donkin [PDF 52KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0506 - David Michael Blackwell [PDF 62KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0073 - David Mills [PDF 38KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0575 - David Philip Sheedy [PDF 35KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0595 - David Pinzone [PDF 32KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0386 - David Ralston-Bryce [PDF 43KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0256 - David Stow [PDF 74KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0176 - David Taylor [PDF 36KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0298 - David Thomas [PDF 38KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0288 - David Williams [PDF 36KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0525 - David Woodhouse [PDF 32KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0504 - Deb Oliver [PDF 62KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0267 - Debra [PDF 60KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0093 - Denham Wilson Carter [PDF 58KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0430 - Dennis Peter Glynn [PDF 49KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0161 - Dennis Shane Pukallus [PDF 39KB]
    POL.9000.0001.0543 - Department Of The Prime Minister And Cabinet (Commonwealth Of Australia) [PDF 374KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0465 - Derek Vincent Amos [PDF 47KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0152 - Desmond Whyte [PDF 48KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0291 - Diane Marie Finlay [PDF 81KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0526 - Dianne Stebbing [PDF 56KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0320 - Dominic Gannon [PDF 88KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0405 - Don Thomas [PDF 75KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0100 - Doug Noble [PDF 35KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0613 - Dr David Stevens [PDF 34KB]
    POL.9000.0001.0050 - Dr Glynn D Kelly [PDF 68KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0419 - Dr Kim Backhouse [PDF 1073KB]
    POL.9000.0001.0538 - Dr Scott Donald [PDF 493KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0066 - Eddie Ozols [PDF 194KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0235 - Eldon John Bottcher [PDF 52KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0240 - Eli Everett Hammond [PDF 54KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0191 - Elisa Barwick [PDF 74KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0510 - Elise Geritz [PDF 46KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0047 - Elizabeth Andrews [PDF 130KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0115 - Elizabeth Needham [PDF 67KB]
    POL.9000.0001.0076 - Emma Pimblett [PDF 55KB]
    POL.9000.0001.0143 - Energy Industries Superannuation Scheme Pool B Members [PDF 222KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0452 - Eric John Scroop [PDF 58KB]
    POL.9000.0001.0005 - Ernst Van Walsum [PDF 41KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0521 - Errol Schmetzer [PDF 40KB]
    POL.9000.0001.0546 - Family Financial Services Business [PDF 68KB]
    POL.9000.0001.0610 - Finance Sector Union Of Australia [PDF 490KB]
    POL.9000.0001.0607 - Financial Planning Association Of Australia [PDF 471KB]
    POL.9000.0001.0589 - Financial Services Council [PDF 854KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0416 - Francesco Pettinato [PDF 88KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0359 - Francis William Hardbottle [PDF 42KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0273 - Frank Student [PDF 42KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0046 - Gail Jones [PDF 51KB]
    POL.9000.0001.0261 - Garrick Small [PDF 58KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0389 - Garth John Gilbert [PDF 91KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0220 - Gary Knock [PDF 33KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0317 - Gary Mcmahon [PDF 35KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0398 - Geoff Leach [PDF 51KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0542 - Geoffrey Alexander Adams [PDF 48KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0305 - Geoffrey Clement Francis Fader [PDF 36KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0612 - Geoffrey Graeme Manifold [PDF 56KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0488 - Geoffrey Shields [PDF 52KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0519 - George Jacklyn [PDF 37KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0620 - Glen Anthony Mcnamara [PDF 58KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0128 - Glenville Brian Anthony Kehl [PDF 58KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0315 - Graeme Barnes [PDF 56KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0560 - Graeme Harry Chapman [PDF 60KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0425 - Graeme Stewart Waugh [PDF 61KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0131 - Graham Cann [PDF 50KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0545 - Graham Crowther [PDF 134KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0505 - Graham Setterberg [PDF 34KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0319 - Grahame Turner [PDF 43KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0114 - Granada Day [PDF 103KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0092 - Harry Rex Pearsall [PDF 88KB]
    POL.9000.0001.0069 - Harry Tan [PDF 279KB]
    POL.9000.0001.0375 - Heather Mildred [PDF 45KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0122 - Henry Layland Clarke [PDF 110KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0558 - Hugh Drum [PDF 45KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0252 - Ian Gill [PDF 85KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0414 - Ian Leslie Brander [PDF 74KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0464 - Ian Pendleton [PDF 49KB]
    POL.9000.0001.0578 - Industry Super Australia Pty Ltd [PDF 208KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0360 - James Edward Hazzard [PDF 48KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0117 - James Frederick Haw [PDF 54KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0228 - James Graham Niccol [PDF 40KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0562 - James Tom Anthony Arnold [PDF 65KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0475 - Janet Thomasina Cowden [PDF 45KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0087 - Janis Christine Boyd [PDF 107KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0225 - Jason Anthony Rapp [PDF 58KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0532 - Jean Helen Robinson [PDF 79KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0459 - Jean-Francois Hirschy [PDF 38KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0277 - Jennifer Pickard [PDF 42KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0169 - Jeremy Beck [PDF 68KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0517 - Jocelyn Constance Mckenzie [PDF 52KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0312 - John Alexander [PDF 33KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0527 - John Allison Elliott [PDF 36KB]
    POL.9000.0001.0134 - John Cosstick [PDF 152KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0175 - John Hanna [PDF 60KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0253 - John Hc Boyd [PDF 68KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0492 - John Henry Lauridsen [PDF 63KB]
    POL.9000.0001.0244 - John Loiterton [PDF 43KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0598 - John Mountney [PDF 80KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0129 - John Pathinathan [PDF 67KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0339 - John Weber [PDF 46KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0355 - Jorge Roshkov [PDF 112KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0601 - Judith Sudholz [PDF 69KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0424 - Kamal [PDF 65KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0189 - Karen Spencer [PDF 55KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0223 - Kathleen Merle Koschel [PDF 46KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0293 - Keira [PDF 106KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0537 - Keith Kerr [PDF 42KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0409 - Kenneth Gosney [PDF 40KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0441 - Kenton Bruce Huxtable [PDF 65KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0242 - Kiro Dimeski [PDF 37KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0302 - Kirsten Muir [PDF 60KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0349 - Klaus Gerhard Clapinski [PDF 49KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0434 - Kylie Gillespie [PDF 42KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0142 - Lane Cove Council [PDF 130KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0237 - Larry Green [PDF 76KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0533 - Lars Thystrup [PDF 48KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0088 - Laura Mcdonough [PDF 137KB]
    POL.9000.0001.0570 - Leanne Bull [PDF 1202KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0232 - Leigh Goodchild [PDF 40KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0323 - Leonia Picone [PDF 41KB]
    POL.9000.0001.0063 - Lesley Jeannette Anderson [PDF 71KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0594 - Lidia Laura Kardos [PDF 82KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0502 - Linda Polic [PDF 91KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0531 - Linda Polic [PDF 130KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0022 - Loretta Woolston [PDF 134KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0217 - Louis Poulter [PDF 36KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0276 - Malcolm Boxall [PDF 47KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0448 - Margaret [Meg] Thornton [PDF 59KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0186 - Margaret Baltatzidis [PDF 40KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0099 - Margaret Pinder [PDF 175KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0351 - Mark Best [PDF 54KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0208 - Mark Smith [PDF 58KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0415 - Martin Cash [PDF 36KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0372 - Mary Kellett [PDF 33KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0478 - Max Aleckson [PDF 41KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0436 - Max Goulter [PDF 115KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0440 - Michael Ayling [PDF 53KB]
    POL.9000.0001.0067 - Michael Gilligan [PDF 144KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0254 - Michael J Clayton [PDF 49KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0498 - Michael James O'shannessy [PDF 84KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0037 - Michael John Stone [PDF 199KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0130 - Michael Lozo [PDF 53KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0342 - Michael Patrick Burns [PDF 77KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0059 - Michael Wolf [PDF 59KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0579 - Milton Block [PDF 112KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0241 - Monty Woodbridge [PDF 67KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0082 - Morgwn Wood [PDF 65KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0586 - Mrs Kay Christensen [PDF 67KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0007 - Name Withheld [PDF 187KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0010 - Name Withheld [PDF 36KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0011 - Name Withheld [PDF 63KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0012 - Name Withheld [PDF 45KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0015 - Name Withheld [PDF 109KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0016 - Name Withheld [PDF 49KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0017 - Name Withheld [PDF 93KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0021 - Name Withheld [PDF 97KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0030 - Name Withheld [PDF 80KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0031 - Name Withheld [PDF 123KB]
    POL.9000.0001.0033 - Name Withheld [PDF 758KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0044 - Name Withheld [PDF 140KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0045 - Name Withheld [PDF 54KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0049 - Name Withheld [PDF 54KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0052 - Name Withheld [PDF 50KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0054 - Name Withheld [PDF 40KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0057 - Name Withheld [PDF 61KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0060 - Name Withheld [PDF 99KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0061 - Name Withheld [PDF 115KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0064 - Name Withheld [PDF 164KB]
    POL.9000.0001.0071 - Name Withheld [PDF 41KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0072 - Name Withheld [PDF 61KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0077 - Name Withheld [PDF 70KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0081 - Name Withheld [PDF 49KB]
    POL.9000.0001.0086 - Name Withheld [PDF 647KB]
    POL.9000.0001.0094 - Name Withheld [PDF 247KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0095 - Name Withheld [PDF 71KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0096 - Name Withheld [PDF 104KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0104 - Name Withheld [PDF 63KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0111 - Name Withheld [PDF 77KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0118 - Name Withheld [PDF 55KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0120 - Name Withheld [PDF 59KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0135 - Name Withheld [PDF 58KB]
    POL.9000.0001.0145 - Name Withheld [PDF 160KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0151 - Name Withheld [PDF 61KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0155 - Name Withheld [PDF 68KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0158 - Name Withheld [PDF 36KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0165 - Name Withheld [PDF 74KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0184 - Name Withheld [PDF 41KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0190 - Name Withheld [PDF 58KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0192 - Name Withheld [PDF 62KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0194 - Name Withheld [PDF 46KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0196 - Name Withheld [PDF 41KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0198 - Name Withheld [PDF 52KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0201 - Name Withheld [PDF 38KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0209 - Name Withheld [PDF 38KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0210 - Name Withheld [PDF 62KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0213 - Name Withheld [PDF 46KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0215 - Name Withheld [PDF 35KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0222 - Name Withheld [PDF 44KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0226 - Name Withheld [PDF 9KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0234 - Name Withheld [PDF 50KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0236 - Name Withheld [PDF 68KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0246 - Name Withheld [PDF 65KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0260 - Name Withheld [PDF 33KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0265 - Name Withheld [PDF 40KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0268 - Name Withheld [PDF 36KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0269 - Name Withheld [PDF 36KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0270 - Name Withheld [PDF 79KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0274 - Name Withheld [PDF 75KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0279 - Name Withheld [PDF 57KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0285 - Name Withheld [PDF 58KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0295 - Name Withheld [PDF 42KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0309 - Name Withheld [PDF 106KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0311 - Name Withheld [PDF 52KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0324 - Name Withheld [PDF 49KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0327 - Name Withheld [PDF 72KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0330 - Name Withheld [PDF 49KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0331 - Name Withheld [PDF 75KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0334 - Name Withheld [PDF 60KB]
    POL.9000.0001.0345 - Name Withheld [PDF 188KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0346 - Name Withheld [PDF 51KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0352 - Name Withheld [PDF 47KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0361 - Name Withheld [PDF 37KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0364 - Name Withheld [PDF 45KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0365 - Name Withheld [PDF 41KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0366 - Name Withheld [PDF 36KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0368 - Name Withheld [PDF 43KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0369 - Name Withheld [PDF 75KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0373 - Name Withheld [PDF 42KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0382 - Name Withheld [PDF 36KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0384 - Name Withheld [PDF 54KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0391 - Name Withheld [PDF 46KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0395 - Name Withheld [PDF 41KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0396 - Name Withheld [PDF 39KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0397 - Name Withheld [PDF 36KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0401 - Name Withheld [PDF 39KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0407 - Name Withheld [PDF 44KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0410 - Name Withheld [PDF 34KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0422 - Name Withheld [PDF 151KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0426 - Name Withheld [PDF 58KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0435 - Name Withheld [PDF 35KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0444 - Name Withheld [PDF 54KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0466 - Name Withheld [PDF 68KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0471 - Name Withheld [PDF 42KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0474 - Name Withheld [PDF 38KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0481 - Name Withheld [PDF 54KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0482 - Name Withheld [PDF 120KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0483 - Name Withheld [PDF 100KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0486 - Name Withheld [PDF 63KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0497 - Name Withheld [PDF 40KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0499 - Name Withheld [PDF 46KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0500 - Name Withheld [PDF 32KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0540 - Name Withheld [PDF 56KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0559 - Name Withheld [PDF 187KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0568 - Name Withheld [PDF 38KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0569 - Name Withheld [PDF 73KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0574 - Name Withheld [PDF 79KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0580 - Name Withheld [PDF 51KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0583 - Name Withheld [PDF 59KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0590 - Name Withheld [PDF 113KB]
    POL.9000.0001.0603 - Name Withheld [PDF 35KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0615 - Name Withheld [PDF 69KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0621 - Name Withheld [PDF 34KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0153 - Nathan Bray [PDF 43KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0470 - Nathan Hansford [PDF 39KB]
    POL.9000.0001.0593 - National Australia Bank [PDF 306KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0068 - Naveen Sharma [PDF 91KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0348 - Neil Bayden Lehmann [PDF 63KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0266 - Neil Richard Eastway [PDF 61KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0381 - Nicholas Culling [PDF 39KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0056 - Nick Smith [PDF 57KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0239 - Nigel Lacey [PDF 196KB]
    POL.9000.0001.0147 - Noel Gregory Butland [PDF 62KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0328 - Noel Stratford [PDF 104KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0551 - Noelene Knopke [PDF 89KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0316 - Patricia Mcinnes [PDF 46KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0243 - Patrick Howard [PDF 51KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0006 - Patrick Ohare [PDF 38KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0529 - Paul Aubrey Dwyer [PDF 130KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0284 - Paul Badcock [PDF 48KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0344 - Paul Best [PDF 34KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0036 - Paul Gallagher [PDF 54KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0042 - Paul Hayes [PDF 51KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0573 - Paul Loiterton [PDF 58KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0123 - Perry Jasper [PDF 96KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0124 - Perry Jasper [PDF 64KB]
    POL.9000.0001.0043 - Peter Albert Howells [PDF 20KB]
    POL.9000.0001.0113 - Peter Beck [PDF 194KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0335 - Peter Charles Cook [PDF 36KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0080 - Peter Cooper [PDF 76KB]
    POL.9000.0001.0051 - Peter Dyki [PDF 82KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0370 - Peter Eggers [PDF 61KB]
    POL.9000.0001.0400 - Peter Greening [PDF 133KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0387 - Peter Harwood [PDF 61KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0245 - Peter James Pendlebury [PDF 84KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0282 - Peter John Johnston [PDF 56KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0259 - Peter Kirk [PDF 37KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0127 - Peter Robert Rolliston [PDF 524KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0202 - Philip Chetcuti [PDF 44KB]
    POL.9000.0001.0609 - Platinum Investment Management Limited [PDF 165KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0119 - Rachel Skelton [PDF 61KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0177 - Ray Gala [PDF 50KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0354 - Ray Weeks [PDF 45KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0178 - Reea Pawley [PDF 43KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0565 - Reinhard Schemmann [PDF 91KB]
    POL.9000.0001.0572 - Rice Warner Actuaries [PDF 465KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0318 - Richard Bardon [PDF 96KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0408 - Richard Bruce Nicholls [PDF 45KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0511 - Richard French [PDF 58KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0205 - Richard Gary Brown [PDF 59KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0411 - Rick Louder [PDF 41KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0084 - Rita St Clair [PDF 110KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0238 - Robert [PDF 38KB]
    POL.9000.0001.0555 - Robert Drake [PDF 105KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0065 - Robert Gordon [PDF 149KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0079 - Robert Gordon [PDF 157KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0437 - Robert M Dealtry [PDF 76KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0207 - Robert Marotta [PDF 42KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0180 - Robert Poppi [PDF 40KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0200 - Robert Whalley [PDF 34KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0224 - Rod Force [PDF 59KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0489 - Rod Lewis [PDF 88KB]
    POL.9000.0001.0027 - Rodney Bruce Ofarrell [PDF 71KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0428 - Roger Hall [PDF 77KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0338 - Ron Sandilands [PDF 52KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0281 - Ronald Chandler [PDF 62KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0321 - Ronald Hardie [PDF 39KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0332 - Rosemary Trudeau [PDF 37KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0453 - Roy Moosa [PDF 55KB]
    POL.9000.0001.0421 - Sam Hansen [PDF 188KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0301 - Sam Warne [PDF 65KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0271 - Samuel James Parr [PDF 36KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0193 - Samuel Lackey [PDF 57KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0014 - Sandra Ann Campbell [PDF 104KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0058 - Sandra Mel [PDF 130KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0188 - Saul Benedict Freedman [PDF 50KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0148 - Scott Kirwan [PDF 142KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0304 - Scott William Mcewan [PDF 55KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0454 - Sean Dewling [PDF 47KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0376 - Sergio Mason [PDF 67KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0251 - Shane Burgess [PDF 38KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0160 - Shane Chellis [PDF 79KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0149 - Shane Osmond Chellis [PDF 104KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0356 - Shannon Stevens [PDF 44KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0412 - Sharon Baragry [PDF 36KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0280 - Shaun Stoddart [PDF 38KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0374 - Shawna Warne [PDF 50KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0163 - Simon Joseph Hall [PDF 53KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0171 - Sleiman Yohanna [PDF 52KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0132 - Sonya Verning [PDF 69KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0358 - Stephen Harding [PDF 63KB]
    POL.9000.0001.0473 - Stephen Kardos [PDF 15KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0468 - Steve Hunter [PDF 60KB]
    POL.9000.0001.0112 - Steve Kordatos [PDF 57KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0604 - Steveh [PDF 114KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0167 - Steven Bird [PDF 40KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0157 - Steven Carr [PDF 64KB]
    POL.9000.0001.0539 - Stockspot [PDF 122KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0325 - Suzanne Vasanji [PDF 37KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0406 - Teodora Nagy [PDF 42KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0427 - Terence Douglas [PDF 74KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0125 - Terry Fraser [PDF 71KB]
    POL.9000.0001.0577 - The Association Of Superannuation Funds Of Australia (ASFA) [PDF 4477KB]
    POL.9000.0001.0606 - The Australian Banking Association [PDF 146KB]
    POL.9000.0001.0038 - The Investment Collective [PDF 2706KB]
    POL.9000.0001.0554 - Thomas Clarke [PDF 623KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0286 - Thomas Joseph Nelson [PDF 42KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0039 - Thomas Ronald Adams [PDF 188KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0363 - Timothy James De Beaux [PDF 45KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0195 - Tony Halpin [PDF 38KB]
    POL.9000.0001.0501 - Treasury [PDF 690KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0340 - Trenton Caust [PDF 51KB]
    POL.9000.0001.0314 - Trevor Ward [PDF 2218KB]
    POL.9000.0001.0553 - Twu Nominees Atf Twusuper [PDF 170KB]
    POL.9000.0001.0024 - Valerie Frame [PDF 27KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0299 - Vanessa Sally Errol [PDF 50KB]
    POL.9000.0001.0020 - Victor Diduk [PDF 473KB]
    POL.9000.0001.0596 - Vincent Maxwell [PDF 76KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0231 - Walter Hess [PDF 37KB]
    POL.9000.0001.0592 - Westpac Banking Corporation [PDF 2841KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0326 - William Adams [PDF 48KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0336 - William Arthur Dagger [PDF 88KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0563 - William Beatts-Rattray [PDF 45KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0439 - William Boeder [PDF 94KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0216 - William Charles Best [PDF 34KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0404 - William Ingrey [PDF 42KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0294 - William Paul Jones [PDF 161KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0362 - William Robert Ifield [PDF 69KB]
    POL.9000.0001.0600 - Wilson Sy [PDF 1438KB]
    POL.0001.0001.0350 - Win Martin [PDF 40KB]

    1 week ago
  • Charles Ponzi created a new topic ' Dear Kate Carnell from Rory O'Brien' in the forum.
    This letter has just been sent to Kate Carnell (Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman) as well as many politicians and media outlets. The questions raised by Rory O'Brien must be considered by all concerned parties - especially Commissioner Hayne. If people have been harmed - the people doing the harming must begin doing some paying .... of full and proper compensation.

    Ms Kate Carnell, AO 4 November 2018
    15 Moore Street

    Dear Kate,

    I have read your comprehensive and excellent response to the Commissioner's Interim Report. Your suggestions for change are spot on and laudable.

    I would however, like to make the following observations.

    Your response and indeed the Commission itself, as well as the previous inquiries, have all done good work in uncovering what is now generally accepted as "Bad Bank Conduct". In many instances this conduct was actually appalling. This is now accepted as fact.

    What all these inquires have done, over nearly ten years now, is slowly expose, piece by piece, the ugly truth about how banks treat customers and small businesses in particular. To say it has been "bad" is an understatement.

    What these inquires, the Royal Commission and the Government, now seek to do is make and take recommendations to eliminate this bad bank conduct and to rectify and improve things in the future. This action, in and of itself, recognizes and confirms that "bad" conduct has in fact occurred which means there must be, by definition, 'victims' of that conduct.

    What this Commission DOES NOT DO is properly recognize and identify the all-important victims of the conduct that has bought us all to this sorry position. If there are victims, which there obviously are, what is to happen to these victims? Were they just cannon fodder? Is their treatment, destruction and 10-year suffering, simply to be forgotten? Are they nothing more than the pointer to the downed quarry? Are they to receive a 'pat on the back and a thanks' from the Government, who should have been right on top of these bank issues a long time ago protecting these victims from rapacious banks? Remember the words of Morrison and Turnbull who were repeatedly defending the indefensible.

    Kate, it is high time the victims themselves become the focus and indeed priority. The historical wrong doing perpetrated upon this diverse group of decent, hard-working small business owners must be recognized by Government and the relevant authorities and agencies, and these victims must be put right and fairly compensated NOW. This injustice, and their continued suffering, cannot be tolerated by those in charge and drawn out even one more day. It is a disgrace.

    Rory F O'Brien

    1 week ago
  • Charles Ponzi replied to the topic Jennie's boss from APRA in the sites in the forum
    If you are a paid up member of BFCSA are three snippets of what you receive as a newsletter. You cannot afford to miss out:

    Our Next Battle will be compensation cases and class actions. This can only happen when Labor holds #ALPBankRCmk2 Documents lawyers need are to be discovered in the dungeons of ASIC and APRA. Neoliberalism follower John Howard – turned consumer protection into a watered down older version of BUYER BEWARE and why Major Banks were given the GREEN LIGHT for Low Docs which are sold at the rate of 80% of their Loan Books since 1999. APRA wrote a tell-all 9 page document in 2003 explaining the plan, put together by Howard, Costello and Turnbull (Mr Goldman Sachs) between 1999 – 2000 and explained in a full 365 page report in 2003. My researcher Gladys and I have been searching for all associated records of what took place during the Howard years.

    “APRA concerns re Low Docs, that since the borrower does not provide income details and lenders do not verify incomes, these loans DO NOT COMPLY with the AGN.” Banks are relying on Broker Valuations. Ie breaches everywhere against prudential standards: APS 231 – outsourcing. “APRA considers that the bank itself MUST BE RESPONSIBLE for deciding the criteria to be used in making the decision to lend.”

    THE MORAL HAZARD: Buyer Beware or Consumer Protection. DO WE THE PEOPLE allow banks to continue on “as normal thieves in suits” and permit asset stripping run by criminal Cartels OR do we clean up the banking industry and break up the Banking Cartel in Australia?? BAD BANKING will be a massive election issue as Labor recognised and acted immediately in April 2016. The male dominated Liberals realised that public exposure of bankers’ criminal activities would mean the bank engineered property bubble will burst if the Government ordered banks to stop selling LOW DOCS and stop asset-stripping from ARIPs. Bank Robbers are no longer those who hold up a bank for a bag of cash: they are the CEO’s of the Major Banks and their political cronies.

    So what went wrong at APRA???

    1 week ago


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