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Australian Farmers are the New Refugees

Australian Farmers are the New Refugees
This week's meeting of farmers in Winton (Western QLD) should be the catalyst to enrage all decent Australians into DEMANDING our Government do something.

The banks can throw people off their ancestral homes (cattle &sheep properties) even if they HAVE been paying their mortgage. The banks use the excuse that as the drought has lowered the property's value (in their opinion), it means the farmer's asset is worth much less, thus they are over exposed to debt - (remember they have not missed a payment) and the banks literally throw them off their properties, out of their homes and into the street. This IS happening right NOW in AUSTRALIA!

The figure who has been at the centre of the outrage has been an 80 year old gentleman by the name of Charlie Phillott. Charlie has never missed a mortgage payment to the bank but has now been thrown off his own land, which he has owned for over 50 years. He is now homeless, literally homeless!

The thousands of ILLEGAL 'so called' refugees who have flooded our country are housed,fed and clothed by the tax payer, but Charlie is homeless and gets nothing, this is the reward for paying his bills and working hard for 60 odd years.

Remember, Charlie has done NOTHING WRONG! The bank will sell his land to the mining companies or the Chinese investors no doubt, and for a massive profit. This is happening all throughout the bush in western QLD & NSW. Our Prime Minister and our Premier, Campbell Newman, have shown not the slightest concern.

Big business, the banks, the mining companies are destroying the lives of decent honest hard working patriotic Australians, all in the name of making MONEY, with the total complicity of our governments, federal and state.

It is nothing short of CRIMINAL!

In other countries this kind of behaviour has led to bloody revolution. Australians it seems are too decent for their own good.

We need what One Nation has always called for...a People's Bank, to fund our farmers and Australian industry, at low interest rates. This will enable them to do what they do best, develop our country, free of the shackles and outright corruption of the PRIVATELY owned big banks and the big mining corporations, mostly foreign owned of course. Once upon a time the Commonwealth Bank did just this, before it was sold off by the Government!

It is time to take our country back and send our politicians to the dole queue. Say "NO" to the corruption of the big banks and mining corporations from foreign countries and foreign governments.

If Australians don't soon start asking the questions we will never get the answers...

By Jim Savage
(QLD State President of Pauline Hanson's One Nation)


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