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Farmers Fighting Bank

Farmers Fighting Bank
Imagine being kicked out of your own home with no warning. The locks changed. All your treasured belongings and memories trapped inside.

That’s what is happening to thousands of families across the country as the big banks threaten and bully them into submission. If it was happening in our capital cities there’d be a national outcry, but these evictions are happening in rural areas, away from the public glare. Until now.

60 Minutes will exposes the sneaky tactics of our biggest banks as they kick farmers off their land, and families out of their homes.

Our cameras capture the moment the receivers move in, and even threaten a farmer with the Tactical Response Group. But these farmers and their families aren’t gonna take it anymore.

Reporter Michael Usher is there as they storm back onto their properties, confront the new owners, and have a showdown with police.

The Culleton family are determined to reclaim their farm that was taken from them by the ANZ bank.

Reporter: Michael Usher
Producer: Grace Tobin, Stephen Rice

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