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Culleton Claims High Court Victory After Long Standing Election Dispute

Culleton Claims High Court Victory After Long Standing Election Dispute

Today Justice Gordon brought down two decisions by the High Court that have ended the political attacks on me by Bruce Bell, describing them as “frivolous and vexatious.” The Justice also ordered costs in favour of myself and I believe Mr Bell will have to front up in excess of $40,000.

My legal counsel Mr Bruce Levet, Mr Gary Corr and Mr John Maitland were very confident with the supporting submissions, which we believed would bring the matters to an end. It is disappointing that this had been raised in the Senate but had fallen on deaf ears and if addressed, would have prevented further cost to taxpayers who funded the Commonwealth’s involvement in the matter.

When I was elected to Parliament, Mr Bell, whom I had met when he was offering charged legal services to distressed ANZ/Landmark farmers, filed a defunct petition into the Court of Disputed Returns to have me declared invalidly elected. This year Mr Bell further attempted to profit through a $200 per day penalty under section 46 of the Constitution and Common Informers Act, however today Justice Gordon dismissed the matter.

In January this year, a spectacle played out on the streets of Perth, and was heavily reported by the media when former Liberal MP Anthony Fels assault me as he attempted to ram this election petition ‘down my throat.’ At the time, the media was falsely reporting it as a ‘creditors’ petition’ and tarnished my credibility as the public were led to believe that people were chasing me for money which was incorrect. It is now clear to me that the incentive of the attack by Mr Fels and Mr Bell was fuelled by the opportunity of Mr Fels to parachute into my Senate seat and also the money that Mr Bell could make through the Common Informers Act, but this has now backfired on them.

Mr Fels, who was a member of Pauline Hanson’s One Nation at the time, has recently admitted that he was asked to deliver a document on behalf of Senator Hanson and further stated that her Chief of Staff James Ashby, called him almost instantaneously ordering him not to speak to the media about the incident. Furthermore, a One Nation Member of Parliament was nearby watching the attack play out with Mr Bell & Mr Bertola however Pauline Hanson told the media the incident had nothing to do with One Nation. I view this as nothing but a witch hunt and political bear trap with journalists on the ground to capture the event, which was designed to discredit me in the public eye, by a party that I represented and put my trust in.

Mr Bell and Mr Bertola have been attracted to me like a moth to a light, harassing me to the point where they were criminally charged with trespassing, have had violent restraining orders taken out on them to protect my family and have attended and disrupted my court hearings with no cause. Today, the High Court switched on the purple light and Justice Gordon put an end to these serial pests.

This atricle was first published by
Author: Rod Culleton
Last modified onWednesday, 25 October 2017 00:00

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