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TOPIC: Jennie Paluka says "report McGarvie to IBAC"

Jennie Paluka says "report McGarvie to IBAC" 4 years 8 months ago #2865

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Things must be bad in the Legal Services Board when it won't investigate its own inhouse lawyers. Jennie says the IBAC Antitgraft Commission should look at them. Why would Americans bother with IBAC when the FBI is down the street????
Is the Legal Services Board liable to the banks if it helps boiler room 'law firm' manager Trevor McTaggart find things out before "the FBI jumped out of the bushes"? Jennie Pakula says she can't find things at Parliament. Sure she can. It says "Extra Ordinary Cover Up".

#Derryn Hinch

Form title: Complaint Form
Submitted at: 2016-04-03 07:38:58

Title: Mr
Family Name: Hxxxxx
Given Name(s): Pxxxxx
Postal Address: xxxxxxx Surfers Paradise Qld 4217
Contact phone number: 07557041xx
Work / Home / Mobile: home

Name of Organisation: Victorian Legal Services Board & Commission (Law Society)

Address: 5/555 Bourke St Melbourne Victoria

Telephone number: extension 8001

Individual(s) involved (if known), and their position in the organisation (if known):

I understand that the Law Society staff are liable if they give my information to anyone who sets them up with a story as a way to extract information on "Protected Discloser Witnesses".

I would like $100,000. I'm in a group of witnesses helping the American Securities & Exchange Commission's Office of the Whistleblower's Mr Jim Daly and reporters from ABC, Fairfax and Four Corners with cases like "US Govt vs American Express, Mastercard & Visa".

On behalf of shady characters, the Law Society tried to get our information during Investigations by global white collar crime police.

Our information came true when, for instance, American law agencies arrested lawyers for Mastercard called Keila Ravelo and lawyers for Amex' Merchants, Gary Friedman.

A Judge overturned out-of-court "Antitrust Agreements" so now the shops can sue for billions.

The Judge also ruled that Mastercard Visa and Amex colluded, and that's like a"Trade Practices Act" violation which can be Fined in hundreds of millions.

The Judge also decided that Amex misrepresented Reserve Bank Information to the stock market, and that is also punishable with a Fine.

Our members are registered for a Reward that can be 30% of the Fines on these global banks which means I disliked being informed by the Victorian Ombudsman that she thinks there is corrupt conduct inside the Law Society.

I would like compensation of $100,000 because the Law Society gave our group's information out to people in the mining and gaming industry called "Trevor McTaggart Arbitrans Accounting Brighton".

Adele Ferguson, Michael Fraser BankReformNow and Four Corners know more about the cases that were Whistle Blown and leaked, and I think you should visit the Melbourne Press Club Lunch on 12th April 2016 for more information.

For now, I simply want to register my complaint.
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Jennie Paluka says "report McGarvie to IBAC" 4 years 8 months ago #2866

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Can the legal services board pass "privileged" information to criminal characters despite protests like this one? I heard they lied to Robert Clark, Shadow Minister for Police as well.

Email to Rosen Law Firm, Investor Counsel re American Express and suing the legal Board for breaching confidentiality

My name is Elliot Sgargetta.

I am registered with the SEC Whistleblowers in respect of American Express not having auditable issues expose their misleading of the market. I also registered in respect of other tip offs from a law ethics body with a big mouth called Howard Bowles' "Legal Services Board and Commission, Victoria". The Amex Case involved Reserve Bank of Australia material that the Judge said in his decision only served to confirm his opinion that the prepondence of evidence went against Amex. Huge cases were borne from that decision. California is suing Amex, Shareholders want to sue, Merchant and Customers are suing.

I want to sue Howard Bowles' Legal Services Board for blurting to a man called Trevor McTaggart.

I was the recipient of what we estimate to be a $1,000,000 offer covered in Submission #2 as published by the Australian Senate Inquiry into Foreign Bribery.

I owned a home in Kalorama that was mortgaged to National Australia Bank, represented by global law firm now called Denton-Gadens Lawyers.

I was the vendor of that home to a family who, unknown to anyone else, were US citizens from a family with a background in Law Enforcement and IT industry in Silicon Valley.

Every time the mortgage payout money was proffered with a bank cheque, Gadens wanted extra money, in the region of $16,000 to $30,000, to make fallacious legal problems go away. A dispute over $24,000 ended up in the High Court and I estimate that Bank Shareholders are about $600,000 worse off at the end of the day. How could a bank manager Melissa Thomas think that it was in the bank’s best interest to push little people around.

The ‘legal problem’ was never curable by handing over the agreed payout amount early and in full.

The legal problem was only curable by giving them extra money for extra legal fees and “extra interest” (even though the agreed payout was inclusive of legal fees and any extra interest).

As I never received a bill for legal fees, I think that could be illegal and unethical in itself (but the Legal Services Board whitewashed things anyway).

I queried this extra interest and its rate and the contractual basis. Things felt extortionate to me and the American buyers.

Gadens were impervious to me for years.

Gadens were untroubled by the Financial Ombudsman Service casting doubt over their independence.

Judges Whelan and Santamaria essentially found that Gadens lied in Court. Gadens were untroubled by that.

Gadens weren’t worried by transcripts.

Gadens tried to bluff past an affidavit from an independent pro bono barrister.

Gadens claimed their bank could authorise them to ignore Conflict Rules.

Gadens weren’t worried by rules that say a barrister cannot run a case he testified in as a witness.

Gadens ran roughshod over my understanding of the Over-Arching Obligations.

Gadens were untroubled by enquiries from “60 Minutes”, Fairfax and the ABC.

Gadens were untroubled by complaints at the Director of Public Prosecutions, Victoria Police and the Legal Services Board & Commission.

Gadens seemed to get away with things in Court that shocked me and dozens of friends and reporters.

Gadens beat me in every Court all the way to the High Court. They beat me in VCAT. They beat the purchaser’s Caveat with ease. They beat another purchaser’s Caveat from a lender. Gadens were unbeatable.

Judges with shares in the banks failed to disclose their shareholdings and they refused to recuse themselves from cases. (Only one did, at VCAT). In one instance one Judge – Justice Osborn declared having close to a ¼ million dollars and refused to recuse himself.

The Legal Services Board and Commission let them off. The Board’s letter essentially states they can do nothing if Judges’ don’t do anything. Then I have judges stating that if it isn’t in the pleadings then they will ignore everything else.

Staff at the Legal Services Board & Commission were very upset.

I was told they could not take action because of their budget, but they are taking action in other cases the FBI and SEC has about them as I have been informed and therefore have money to save themselves.

After losing my cases over and over, LSBC Insiders whispered to go to VCAT, the FBI and the US SEC. That was how deeply troubled the Legal Services Board and Commission people were.

Who would think to call the FBI!? I thought they were insane.

I did anyway.

I am registered with a group at the SEC and the SEC might pay a reward if the Banks are fined.

They spoke to other people about my case even though the LSBC is liable for damages if they blow the whistle or talk to the wrong people. (I estimate that I am entitled to over $3mill.).

Out of the blue, Gadens offered me the $1m hush up deal as outlined in Submission 2 to the Foreign Bribery Inquiry at Parliament. I couldn’t believe it. Everything they said about the FBI must be true, I thought.

The offer looked illegal to me, and it’s illegality was the same type of illegality I was tipped off to expect.

Gadens also insisted that my purchasers from America must sign up to the Deed. Just as was expected!

Why would anyone know that Gadens would insist that the Americans sign a deed to things they weren’t involved in? Here Gadens demanded the very things I was expecting they’d demand.

The hush deed was exactly as I was informed by people it would be like.

Gadens also refused to make changes that every lawyer and barrister told me to ask for.

Every lawyer that I spoke to from Queensland to Queen Street, said don’t touch it. Luckily no one did because the FBI “came out of the bushes”.

The hush offer was unacceptable without making it open and honest and on the record, with the Bank’s full knowledge of Gaden’s conduct.

Regrettably, Gadens refused to make the changes and make it their own cash (rather than shareholders money). Suspiciously they turned down ideas that would not cost the bank a pretty penny.

Soon afterwards, Channel 7 News said a tip off last year caused audits and arrests of bank executives. (I think the tip off was from the LSBC whistleblowers to the SEC Witnesses).

The FBI wanted the Hush Deed.

Inquiries were made by

- Auditors from Ace Foundation

- Auditors from Computer Science Corporation
- An MP about an accountant in Brighton,
- Bank Reform people in NSW
- 60 Minutes’ producer for the ANZ Story that was aired in August this year
- Fairfax and ABC
- The FBI “IC” Division.
- The SEC Office of the Director of Corporate Compliance
- The SEC’s Senior Counsel Mr McCreedy
- IBAC anti-corruption commission
- Victorian Ombudsman
- Parliamentarians who want the names of Legal Services Board officials
- about the American Express Case. They lost billions because of the Reserve Bank of Australia

The LSBC told me to go away despite damning evidence and despite the FBI arresting people. You would think the LSBC might see a few ethics issues if banks executives are arrested over the same Hush Deed they said was legal and ethical. They might be liable to me and the bank shareholders for all I know too.

It all came true.

- The Hush Deed materialised out of thin air
- The Hush Deed was exactly as I was led to believe it would be.
- Gadens refused the changes
- Soon after the deed was refused, there was pay-back. We felt like we turned down an offer you can’t refuse
- There are Parliamentary Inquiries in the News every day. Submission #2 is at the top of the List.
- The Parliamentary Inquiry into Engineered Defaults started;
- American Express lost billions (and I look forward to sharing the Reward).
- The NAB Audit lady in New York, Alice Savenah, is looking at things.
- The ANZ was on 60 Minutes.
- You should read the Submissions at the Foreign Bribery Inquiry from Professors, the International Bar Association, the Attorney General + Federal Police, and many others. They want the same things.
- The FBI wanted the Hush Deed
- The SEC wanted information
- MPs called
- Bank Reform Now said MPs want the names of the LSBC officials exposed in Parliament

Every few months the FBI and SEC want something more.

I therefore object to the Legal Services Board & Commission (“LSBC”) using its powers to investigate its own role in the $1m Hush Deed. They owe my family for breaching their privacy laws too. I have friends and colleagues calling me almost daily still troubled about their faith being destroyed after seeing what occurred to me and my family by Gadens, Financial Ombudsman, the judiciary, Gadens, NAB and the Legal Services Board & Commission.

If the Australian Senate Inquiry or the Parliamentary Joint Committee want me to testify at their hearings, I will.

E. Sgargetta.
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Jennie Paluka says "report McGarvie to IBAC" 4 years 8 months ago #2867

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They "spied" on the undercover ops's witnesses before the arrests.
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Jennie Paluka says "report McGarvie to IBAC" 4 years 8 months ago #2877

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Why follow Jennie's advice to see the IBAC when you can go to the FBI ic people like our Registered Protected Disclosers did on the legal board's recommendations against the goons' tactics. THE PANAMA PAPERS CONFIRM BOB KATTER'S CONCERNS WITH MUNGANA MINES/KAGANA AND THE CHINESE.

Provide additional details about your complaint:
This is about a Chinese ex soldier turned billionaire who just bought land next to Australia's ASIO spy headquarters, Mr Guangwei. He was using the Panana Papers to hide his dealings in Australia. Our Protected Disclosure Group supported our small "Independent" Queensland Politicians like Katter to win Balance of Power and lobby for a Federal "FBI IC" like you have. (Australia didn't even have RICO or Wire Laws). One battle was over this Mr Guandwei's mining interests. Apart from Guanwei ripping everyone off, 'our' politicians oppose the sale of Darwin Port to the Chinese (and the newspapers said the sale was a complete surprise to Obama's people), and oppose the strange decisions of our major parties who sell off our ports and farms. Our Protected Disclosers were hunted by the very strange Victorian Legal Services Board that happens to be under the control of former VP for Corporate Services at BHP Fiona Bennett and accountants like KMPG. Our Protected Disclosers were hunted by a mining accountant (and stand over man Trevor McTaggart). The VLSB even wanted to know who "our" politicians were, what Vice President Biden and President Obama were doing over Cybersecurity Week 2015, and what were the FBI IC Unit giving to Federal Police Commander Linda Champion in the Commonwealth Bank IT Bribery Case with Computer Science Corp (CSC) - that does Australia's Defence Computers and the Commonwealth Bank Computer and Medicare Computer. You might want to look into this Mungana Mines/Kagana more closely. Guangwei, who is chairman of Shenzhen Huaqiang Holdings, which produces digital products, is linked to the company that bought a large parcel of land in Canberra next to the new headquarters for the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation. Guangwei also has links with his wife Jia Ling to a network of Chinese investors who have bought into Australia IT companies and mining stocks. In 2013, former Young Rich Lister Mark McConnell told The Sydney Morning Herald he had assisted "a number of Chinese high-net-worth individuals … that introduced me into a number of government departments in China". The investments he introduced to the Chinese included Uber Global, Citadel Group and Mungana Gold Mines. "My firm, First Bridge Capital, raised approximately half of the IPO funds for Mungana in 2010 and I am now executive director," Mr McConnell said. The timing is curious. Mungana Gold Mines was listed on June 10, 2010. First Bridge Capital Pty Ltd was not incorporated in Australia two months later, on August 21, 2013 and deregistered on October 22, 2013. It was a 100-per-cent-owned subsidiary of Ocean Fortune Management Limited of Hong Kong. However, Mossack Fonseca's files show it incorporated a British Virgin Islands company, which was also called First Bridge Capital Pty Ltd, on June 10, 2009, and McConnell held 50 per cent of the shares until November 5, 2010, when the shares were transferred to Ocean Fortune Management Limited of Hong Kong. Mr McConnell did not reply to questions from the Financial Review about the company. BVI companies are not Pty Ltd. One possible effect of the choice of name was that outsiders could have assumed that this was an Australian company. We're not sure why our group of SEC Protected Disclosers was targeted by McTaggart and a "legal ethics board" that was more interested in finding out what Americans know. Our regulators were so pathetic, our people went to you instead with tip offs of strange things. And then we read in the paper that the "FBI jumped out of the bushes" on cocaine traffickers and colluders like Keila Ravelo, and jumped on the CSC Bribery Case with Jon Waldron (not to be confused with the other Waldrons). There's a bit of history on the Mungana and Kangana mines if your google " + bob+katter". All the legal services board and commission' concerns with their own whistleblowing tip offs end up "true", as in the Panama Papers case like this case! You might like to ask that MGarvie how the heck his leakers knew to tip off Sgargettas about McGarvie's intentions to violate the Economic Espionage Act and 'spy' on what the FBI IC Unit was preparing for the CSC Bribery Case against people very close to Ian Narev, CEO & Managing Director of Computer Science Corp's customer, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia.
Are you having or have you had difficulty in getting access to your funds or securities?
Did you suffer a loss?
Enter amount of loss to nearest dollar without characters (e.g., 15000, not $15,000.00):
When did you become aware of the alleged conduct? (mm/dd/yyyy)
When did the alleged conduct begin? (mm/dd/yyyy)
Is the alleged conduct ongoing?
Has the individual or firm acknowledged the alleged conduct?
What is the source of your information? You may select more than one
Internal business documents;
Have you taken any action regarding your complaint? You may select more than one
Complained to SEC;
Who did you contact and what action did you take?
Our whistleblowers spoke before with Jack McCreery about the use of Australian ethics lawyers to try and get our information on behalf of the famous Trevor McTaggart and another strange man Tom Courtney. Basically they invented a "gaslight" psych warfare tactic to get snippets of information, like what the Waldron Family told your Office of the Whistleblower before the 7News Report said there was an FBI Sting on the CBA IT bribery case. Dr XXXXXX emailed Jim Daly about it last September, 2015. David Cohen and The Australian confirmed that Ian Nareve really was suppose to sign the deal off with Michael Harte's ok. Like the Submitters at the Foreign Bribery Inquiry told Parliament, the legal services peeps were either in a Sting with the FBI or they were stung
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Jennie Paluka says "report McGarvie to IBAC" 4 years 8 months ago #2878

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The earliest date the CBA or their lot did anything was October 2014 or June 2015, says David Cohen, but Cohen. Both dates coincide with Howard Bowls fairy stories and his interst in Vice President Biden and politicians in favour of a Royal Commissions, and what the US FBI types were interested in, coincidentally. Both dates are after the VLSB said to report things to the USA too. Mcgarvie should compensate Computer Science Corp $98,000,000, Amex $2b and Mastercard and Visa say $8,000,000,000. Don't forget the Witnesses. All they wanted was $100,000 each for the most deplorable incompenant lawyering by an "ethics board". It's a $5.7 billion antitrust trainwreck" says Bloomberg Business. Who was Howard Bowles really talking? Undercover Operatives perhaps? Or Crooks?




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Jennie Paluka says "report McGarvie to IBAC" 4 years 8 months ago #2880

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You have been sent this article link by bcc list from

Personal Message: I thought you would find this page interesting. Dear SEC, As soon as McTaggart's pal Howard Bowles lent on the IPA Accountant Investigations into boiler room scammer Trevor Shane McTaggart, victims went straight to the SEC Office of the Whistleblower. Cardinell Pell's whistleleaking pals were right about McGarvie's use of pretences to spy on the undercover ops on PAC Donor Keila Ravelo. Your customers want compensation from McGarvie for passing our privileged investigative accounting on boiler room criminals.... to boiler room criminals. What type of protection racket is Pell's friend, Michael McGarvie, running? Bowles is named at the SEC as insider trade tipping off people about the Amex credit card shares as well. Cheers,

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