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TOPIC: VLSB "spies" on Prosecution Brief from FBI to AFP?

VLSB "spies" on Prosecution Brief from FBI to AFP? 3 years 10 months ago #2874

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"The VLSB said to go to the FBI. I thought they were insane but I did anyway" "I think they're liable if they blow the whistle".

"The FBI jumped out of the bushes".

"You'd think the Victorian Legal Services Board & Commission would see there's a few ethical issues in arrests of bank executives for international bribery"

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VLSB "spies" on Prosecution Brief from FBI to AFP? 3 years 10 months ago #2875

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.... and on the disappeared Gatto Shipping Container

... and on their whistleblowers stories 'that came true'.

... and on the MPs in Qld's Election

... and on the political groups that want bans invesigated at a Royal commission.

...and bribery at the CBA
.... and the drugs and collusion about Resrve Bank info in the US Gov Case againt coluders
Is McGarvie's ethics board liable for their whistling during Strike Force Drawl?
Mr McKenzie Legal Ethics Ombudsman
for the National Legal Ethics Scheme's State
of New South Wales, Sydney Australia

cc This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Dear Mr McKenzie

Re: Merchant Class Action against Amex Mastercard & Visa about the overturned Antitrust Settlements because of cocaine trafficking scam lit support firm collusion between Ravelo and Friedman on Australian Reserve Bank Information;

Re: Misleading the Stockmarket by misrepresenting the Reserve Bank of Australia Information to the SEC, Staff and Stock Market

Re: Computer Science Corp's $98.000,000 loss because of international foreign bribery ratified by Ian Narev's Commonwealth Bank Australia (CBA)

Re: Your Mr McGarvie's spying on Economic Information and US & Australian Politicians who want a Royal Commission into your banking, receiverships and legal sectors:

Re: Judge Garaufis ripping up the Settlement because of the collusion by Ravelo & Friedman, exposing American Express to $2,000,000,000 in liability, as foretold by SEC Protected Disclosures because of goons' threats.

People of California (SF Atty Gen Herrera) v American Express re the result in US & 17 States v Amex Mastercard & Visa

International wired payoffs, prelate Acts under RICO, spying on what witnesses told the FBI/SEC Protected Disclosures Office, spying on negotiation of terms of a Permanent Injunction based on a template as 'Arizona v Visa & Mastercard' started, witness intimidation, and giving Insider Information on Shares to renown boiler room scammer McTaggart is nothing to worry about in Australia?

Judge Garaufis must be wrong about the ethics.

The Confessions and Drug & IRS arrests must be wrong too, we suppose.

As you can tell, we thought that sort of thing is illegal and unethical and Howard Bowles' name is in the Report about the Australian "Libor" Cases and the "$1m Hush Deed". The ASIC Case against the ANZ "Libor" Traders must be wrong as well.

Most people think suspected payoffs through the "without prejudice" mediation scheme are worth you taking a look if only because McGarvie was so inept that he made the offer to the wrong family called Waldron ... during an FBI Sting (say 7News on tv). Please investigate him for ruining a perfectly good payoff because he's incompetent.

Doctors say McGarvie is malicious, vindictive and covering up.

Doctors at Parliamentary Inquiries about the Hush Deed Case must be wrong you reckon? Even though Cohen confirmed in 2016 that the "Higher Ups", ie Managing Director & CEO Ian Narev, knew that bribes were possibly in play. Poor CSC suffered so much loss, that's just bad luck is it?

Investigate McGarvie's mental state for malice, vindictiveness and cover ups and mens rea intention. The pesky "FBI jumped out of the bushes" and uncovered BigLaw Collusion, drug trafficking and Goons - as filed at the SEC and as naming McGarvie's staff like Howard Bowles as a Informer to Witnesses at the Parliamentary Inquiry into International Foreign Bribery. like Strike Force Drawl. Those silly police must be all wrong.

However the Victorian Legal Services Ethics Board people definitely said to go to you, and to see the anticorruption police, ... to investigate Cohen and McGarvie. If you don't have enough to start an investigation, you shouldn't be a "national bar association". You'd think the concerned staff were worried they' be dragged into things their boss screwed up.

That's how this started, namely being told your banks are so bad that the Protected Disclosers should report McGarvie's cases (like Lewis Janover's complaint about a standover "gaming industry accountant" Trevor McTaggart ) to the FBI and SEC and Nick Xenophon and 'Four Corners' and crime reporters at Fairfax Media.

Politicans called about McGarvie's boiler room scam pal with a track record as long as these Parliamentary Inquiries

Politicians at the PJC inquiry asked Bowles to let his name be published. He refused. But its in our letter, next to the article about a Hit Contract on Mobster Mick Gatto because Tina Stagliano was right.

Given that your whistleblowers knew more in 2014 than the lawyers in the Antitrust Cases did in 2015 - like Freidman's wife, a Law Professor, for goodness sake, you'd think you'd investigate McGarvie's role in tipping off the goons in 2014. CSC are Defence Department computers as you are aware. International Bribery approved and aided to the (wrong) Waldron is not only the most incompetant lawyering we've ever heard, but for McGarvie to say "we thought the landlord was evicted" is worthy of investigation. That excuse is pathetic! Everyone knows that landlords aren't evicted.

Your office must be upside down like your eviction laws. Or McGarvie is desperate. Ex Legal Ombudman Kate Hamond went public and said the lawyers were Evil & Dumb. What "Evil" did she think they were up to?

McGarvie deceived a Victorian "Shadow" Police Minister Robert Clark about McGarvie's search for the SEC Protected Disclosers as the FBI & Federal Police Commander Linda Champion waited on 25 volumes of evidence about the international bribery.

The State of Arizona is suing for collusion. They're wrong?

Amex & Mastercard & Visa Victim Merchants are suing for collusion. They're wrong?

The drug traffickers in Feliz' ring were sentenced, and Ravelo confessed . They're wrong?

We take Economic and Political Espionage on FBI & Federal Police investigations seriously, you should too. "It all came true" says the Submissions filed at Parliament - in secret - until the facts were confirmed with jail terms, arrests and court decisions like Judge Garaufis' Decision on August 4 2015.

McGarvie admits he wanted to know about Keila Ravelo's donee of $500,000 to a Vice President's PAC!!! Mcgarvie is a Foreign Government's Agency ...and he's spying on Economic "Reserve Bank Data" because Judge Garaufis did in fact, as foretold by economists, decide the RBA Information upheld his findings. Should McGarvie help people during an Appeal by Amex against the Australian Market Power Evidence???? Isn't McGarvie liable for passing intel to BigLaw and Mobsters? Howard Bowles is named as Insider Trading before the Share Trades, and it came true too.

Herewith are some FBI Complaint Forms in what 7 News Melbourne confirmed was a FBI Sting with "Strike Force Drawl" Most people would think that Newspapers, Arrests and Admissions at Parliament are more than enough for you to investigate if a bank lawyer David Cohen and your national ethics lawyer Michael McGarvie ethically or unethically covered up international bribery, passed Witness Information to crims before they ran for the airport, and intimidated SEC and FBI Wtnesses. The cases are at

- a Grand Jury against Eric Pulier,
-at the NSW Crime Commission against Jon Waldron
- is at in the Court at Delaware.
- is at Los Angeles courts
- New York worth about $9,000,000,000 in Damages

because McGarvie's staff blew the whistle on undercover ops on organised and white collar criminals. But he was caught, and he's liable under his Act's "Part 7", and our Protected Disclosures want him investigated (and to pay compensation for giving information to people like McTaggart.

Surely Cohen misled the Parliament when he said he throroughly investigated what the FBI might know from whistleblowers. Or was he negligent because lay witnesses on the street, not in banking, were told by Mcgarvie's staff to see the FBI & SEC rather than inept lazy incompetant Australian regulators.

Do you often have crims use the legal ethics board to hunt for SEC Protected Witnesses?

Most people would think that you'd think that demands by your Major Political Parties for a Royal Commission into this Commonwealth Bank and its lawyers would be enough to start you looking at what the Victorian Ombudsman told our SEC Office of the Whistleblowers' Witnesses was corruption in your ethics departments.

This is what your Senator Phil Ruddock had to say about that CBA Bank's cabal . It took him 43 years to wake up on his last day in Parliament.

McGarvie's whistleblowers would put the Oracle of Delphi to shame, say Victim Witnesses at Sgargetta's group of people in our whistleblower program.

His Tina Stagliano is called "TarotCard Tina" because of her accuracy. How often do Colombians and the Mob loose a shipping container from under their noses, and then The Age phones to ask for information!!!

CSC has lost $98,000,000 ($A122,000,000), says "The Australian" newspaper April 4 2016. $98 mil is a lot of reasons for you to investigate international bribery and corruption and a cover up, most people would think. Leo Shanahan definitely says its $98,000,000:

The loss is solely due to McGarvie's whistleblowers who told Sgargettas Accounting in 2014 to go to "VCAT" and the FBI. Later Sgargettas were stunned when a $1m Hush Deed was pushed at him, with threats of payback, by your McGarvie's ethics lawyers and their friends at Gadens. All they had to do was get US citizens to NOT go to the FBI! (They reported the bribe to the SEC). If that's legal and ethical in Australia, just say so in plain terms.

The 7 News Melbourne said it was a FBI Sting, which is fine. Our witnesses don't care if it was a sting of course, but they do care that McGarvie passed SEC Protected Disclosure information to crims all because McGarvie reckons that Landlords are evicted and therefore "oopsie, I made a boo boo", ... and gave witness information to the mob during undercover operations on Ravelo and Friedman. But no one makes oppsies for 2 years and ignores Confessions and Jail Terms on Cocaine Traffickers, do they. If your McGarvie is that retarded in the law, he needs to 'go'. Before he does, our Witnesses want compensation for his breaches of privacy. His immunity doesn't apply to Malice, and the SEC has medical assessments on that too. His State Government and your insurers can't expect Shareholders and Victims to be left with the mess he created by backing crims rather than SEC Witnesses.

The DEA and IRS also jumped out of bushes on Revelo and Feliz exactly as McGarvie's Howard Bowles told "Hodges" and "McTaggart" before the DEA & IRS and DoJ Andrew Kogan "jumped out of bushes". We hope his insurance for malicious cover ups and aiding and abetting known crims is about $9,000,000,000.

Nancy Bonnell, like Amex's Shareholders and Mastercard & Visa Merchant Victims, filed Cases too exactly as McGarvie disclosed lots of Amex Case Information to his mob connected pal Mctaggart. McGarvie's folk instantly spoke to their pals. McGarvie admits it in the Report his staff leaked to Sgargetta in August last year! It was all over "Australian Activist News" before the Report left his office! His intention to spy on politicians, economic data and the FBI's enquiries are at Parliament on the FRONT COVER of Submission 2 at the Foreign Bribery Law Inquiry. Most folks would say that's damning evidence of his staff's whistleblowing to Sgargettas. It is dated and filed at Parliament on their website a week BEFORE McGarvie went ahead and committed acts of economic espionage on the USA and the FBI investigation, we think. For the mob and bankers.

Lawyers like Craig Wildfang told Judge Orenstein "We had no idea" about the collusion by drug traffickers and Mastercard's lawyer Keila Ravelo, but Bowles hunted the SEC Protected Witnesses at the SEC. Howard Bowles was on the phone to "Mr Jones" and Bowles is named as the Informer. Howard Bowles was spying on the Amex Visa & Mastercard Case , and he's named at the SEC in Whistleblower tipoffs about Insider Trading and things BEFORE the Share sales by the CEO & Board and Managers too. Bowles reckons he spoke to "Mr Jones". No he didn't, he spoke to people who posed as his crim pals in a Sting. McGarvie gave info to crims ....and people who weren't crims. He's liable under "Part 7" according to the letters he sent to his own clients like the Waldron-Sgargetta people on file 2015/038.

Arizona are wrong? Look at the date? Judge Garaufis dropped the gavel on Feb 19 2015, and McGarvie ran around 'losing' evidence. Yes, he should be investigated for passing all the Australian Reserve Bank Information to the McTaggart team of infamous boiler room scammers in Brighton.

McGarvie didn't beliebe the New York Post?

McGarvie didn't believe coke busts and collusion would really cause this "trainwreck"?

McGarvie chose to ignore the possibility that his screw ups could result in Shareholder Cases on Amex' Directors?

San Francisco's Atty Gen also sued Amex, as McGarvie was aware. You'll find that McGarvie chose to ignore that risk. He was aware of Italian Colors' case with Deepak Gupta before Judge Morrison England, and the Pension Fund Case etc etc. He is covering up because he gave this to the famous con artist Trevor and Courtney. (Why does McGarvie hate the Anti-pedophile nurses group so much?)

The FBI IC Unit (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and Australian Federal Police Fraud & AntiTrust Centre (Ref Commander Linda Champion) were definitely following up witnesses about the bribe McGarvie has the emails. How much evidence do you expect little old people to get for you?

Your CBA Lawyer Mr Cohen definitely told Parliament that he started to search "after June (2015)" (into what the FBI knew from whistleblowers in the SEC) and that coincides with McGarvie learning about the FBI's request for evidence from our SEC Protected Disclosers. McGarvie's whistleblowers instantly spoke to Sgargetta Accounting and told then to report McGarvie to the Victorian Ombudsman, which they did on 1st August 2015. The Ombudsman's email is on the front cover of the Foreign Bribery Inquiry dated 1st August 2015 and says she suspects there is corrupt conduct in McGarvie's Legal Services Board and Legal Services Commission "VLSB". Days later, the whistleblowers leaked the Report to CSC's audit team. Most people would conclude that the Victorian Legal Services Board is in a cover up, wouldn't you say.

Things must be bad when your Major and Minor Political Parties want a Royal Commission.

Australian Politician Senator Phil Ruddock railed against your CBA Bank's practices

As you've closed your file because you expect other people to do your job, obviously you need a Royal Commission to go through your files.

Respectfully yours

Pastoral Care Office
Maverick Ministries
PO Box 444 Clements
California 95227
(209) 603 8733.

Whistleblower told CBA’s Ian Narev of concerns over IT contract

Business Spectator
April 4, 2016 12:00AM
Leo Shanahan

Whistleblower Marcus Nicholson says he told Ian Narev of serious concerns he had about an IT contract.

A former CBA worker directly informed the bank’s chief executive Ian Narev and its former CIO ­Michael Harte of serious concerns with an IT contract now at the centre of a multi-million bribery scandal but the bank never relayed his fears to police.

The Weekend Australian revealed CBA’s former executive manager of software services, Marcus Nicholson, was sacked just eight weeks after refusing to sign off on a $10.5 million contract at the centre of the bank’s bribery scandal, which has resulted in charges against two of its most senior IT executives and an FBI investigation into software company ServiceMesh.

Mr Nicholson’s emails clearly stated the deal in December 2013 made no sense and would “hurt the bank”, and raised concerns about the behaviour of his superiors, Jon Waldron and Keith Hunter, the two CBA IT executives now facing bribery charges.

The Australian can reveal that Mr Nicholson sent letters to both former CBA chief information ­officer Mr Harte and current chief executive Ian Narev outlining his concerns with the ServiceMesh contract and his former superiors.

More: CBA manager sidelined in IT deal
More: CBA ignored warnings

The letter to Mr Harte — who now serves as Barclay Bank’s chief operations and technology officer in London — from Mr Nicholson’s lawyers in late March 2014, was sent just weeks after Mr Nicholson was sacked after stating clear concerns about the ServiceMesh deal and complained about the breach of the bank’s whistleblower protection.

Another letter outlining his concerns over the ServiceMesh deal was written to Mr Narev in March of 2015 when Mr Hunter and Mr Waldron were arrested and charged by NSW Police.

The CBA then failed to include Mr Nicholson in its internal investigation or to inform NSW police of his concerns, leaving Mr Nicholson to contact police himself.

Mr Hunter, 62, CBA’s former manager of IT engineering, and his deputy, Mr Waldron, 44, have been charged with several counts of bribery after NSW police ­alleged they took a combined total of $2.9m in bribes from US technology entrepreneur Eric Pulier in return for millions of dollars in CBA contracts to Service­Mesh.

Mr Pulier is under investigation by the FBI, and The Australian understands he is the subject of a grand jury investigation over the alleged bribes. Police are investigating a series of emails and correspondence between Mr Nicholson, Mr Waldron, Mr Hunter and other CBA members before and after the December 2013 ServiceMesh deal at the centre of the alleged bribes.

In his March 2014 letter to Mr Harte, Mr Nicholson’s lawyer makes clear he felt he was sacked over his objections to the ServiceMesh deal.

“Our client is particularly concerned that the real reason for the termination of his employment is connected to a disagreement he had with Mr Richardson (former manager) on 12 December 2013 in relation to a deal where CBA proposed to acquire $10.5m of McAfee software at above market rates (equivalent to a 5 to 15 per cent mark-up) through an entity known as ServiceMesh,” the letter says.

“On the face of the proposed deal, Mr Nicholson felt the transaction was uncommercial and not in the best interest of CBA for the reason that CBA agreed to pay an additional $5m on a deal, which was rejected directly with McAfee for being too expensive the previous year.”

Mr Nicholson claimed he faced ongoing victimisation from superiors — including Mr Waldron and Mr Hunter — after raising the alarm and CBA’s decision to sack him was in clear breach of the CBA’s Group Whistleblower Protection Policy.

In their response, CBA claimed he had legitimately been made redundant and claimed Mr Nicholson was not protected by the bank’s whistleblower policy, despite being a fulltime employee of CBA.

“Even if the policy is incorporated into the contract, CBA does not accept that the Policy is contractual or binding in nature,” CBA lawyers wrote.

When Mr Hunter and Mr Waldron were arrested and charged with bribery a year later, Mr Nicholson then wrote to Mr Narev: “I have noted with interest the press coverage the bank has been receiving over this scandal, particularly that the first indication of wrongdoing was when investigators discovered large amounts of money in Mr Hunter’s and Mr Waldron’s CBA bank accounts.

“This fact is not correct. I raised my concerns with the ServiceMesh/McAfee deal more than 12 months prior, to my general manager Tom Richardson.

“These concerns were raised during the negotiation when I could clearly see this deal didn’t make sense for the bank.”

Mr Nicholson told Mr Narev he was victimised then made redundant after raising concerns about ServiceMesh, and repeatedly asked to speak to Group Security about the deal.

“I repeatedly outlined my desire to speak with, and co-operate fully with Group Security about this deal,” he wrote.

“However, at no point in time was I asked to come in and speak with HR or Group Security and share a myriad of emails, text messages and other evidence I have about this matter and conduct of CBA employees, clearly there was a desire to sweep the matter under the carpet.”

Following the letter Mr Nicholson was interviewed by CBA’s chief legal counsel David Cohen, but was merely told once again his redundancy was valid.

The CBA did not relay Mr Nicholson’s information or contact details to NSW police, and he eventually contacted the police himself.

In a statement, CBA said it took Mr Nicholson’s concerns “very seriously”.

“Once the news of Mr Waldron’s and Mr Hunter’s arrest were detailed in the media, the former employee wrote to the bank questioning if his redundancy was manufactured given the concerns he raised.

“We took his concerns very seriously and investigated the circumstances thoroughly.”
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VLSB "spies" on Prosecution Brief from FBI to AFP? 3 years 10 months ago #2986

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Michael McGarvie's Howard Bowles spied on this case on August 4th 2015 too just as Texan Merchants didn't want the Reserve Bank's Opinions overturning apple carts in Texas.

Is anyone surprised that Mic Gatto and the Colombian cartel lost their shipping container. That was another Prediction from TarotCard Tina that came truer than a Jonathan Cainer Astrologer Forecast?

Fiona Barnett's antipedophile group were right.
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VLSB "spies" on Prosecution Brief from FBI to AFP? 3 years 10 months ago #2988

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Howard Bowles' tips. bIG pALUKA told the Sgargetta-Waldron side of the famiy to see IBAC BUT THEY WENT TO THE US SECURITY EXCHANGE WHISTLEBLOWERS OFFICE. :cheer:

CBA executives sought as witnesses in IT bribery case

The Australian
12:00AM February 18, 2016
Leo Shanahan

CBA said neither Mr Harte or the CBA were ever investors in ServiceMesh

Commonwealth Bank’s current and former chief information ­officers are being sought as ­witnesses in the bribery case brought against two former IT executives charged with taking kickbacks in return for delivering a multi-million-dollar contract from the CBA.

The Australian understands witness subpoenas have been drawn up by lawyers defending former CBA technology executives, asking that current CIO David Whiteing and former IT boss Michael Harte appear for the defence case.

A series of other CBA technology and procurement staff have also been asked to appear as witnesses.

Keith Hunter, 62, CBA’s former manager of IT engineering, and former IT executive colleague Jon Waldron, 44, have been charged with several counts of bribery after NSW Police alleged the two took a combined total of $2.9m from US technology entrepreneur Eric Pulier in return for millions of dollars in CBA work.

NSW police, who were aided by the FBI in the investigation, allege the pair received money from Mr Pulier around October 2014 through an US-based charity called the Ace Foundation, in return for delivering his cloud computing company ServiceMesh a multi-million-dollar contracts with CBA.

Both men have pleaded not guilty, with a directions hearing in a Sydney court today to decide whether the case proceeds to a committal hearing.

It understood the defence teams for the men would like Mr Harte and Mr Whiteing to appear as witnesses to speak to, among other things, the circumstances surrounding the ServiceMesh contract and the utility of the technology.

However the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions is understood to object to Mr Whiteing, Mr Harte and others being called, arguing it would be inconsistent with the pleadings.

CBA tipped off police after the suspicious funds appeared in the men’s CBA account in late 2014, with Mr Hunter and Mr Waldron resigning soon after.

Mr Harte — who is not accused of any wrongdoing — was the manager in charge of the two men and oversaw the billion-dollar restructure of the bank’s IT services before departing in July 2014 to take up a role with Barclays Bank in London.

He is now the chief operations and technology officer at Barclays and sits on the bank’s executive committee.

Mr Whiteing replaced Mr Harte as CBA’s CIO and was previously vice-president of enterprise systems at BP.

ServiceMesh was bought by US computing giant CSC for $US260m in October 2013 and maintained Mr Pulier’s role as head of the cloud computing company, but has since dismissed him and is suing him for the purchase price of ServiceMesh.

During his time at CBA Mr Harte was a big supporter of the cloud technology provided by ServiceMesh.

CBA said neither Mr Harte or the CBA were ever investors in ServiceMesh.

“Mr Harte has informed CBA that he has never had any financial interest in ServiceMesh or any related party,” CBA said in statement.

“Commonwealth Bank’s investigations to date indicate CBA does not hold, and has not previously held, an interest in ServiceMesh, and Mr Pulier was not offered shares in CBA as part of an agreement with CBA to provide services.”
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VLSB "spies" on Prosecution Brief from FBI to AFP? 3 years 9 months ago #3140

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Derryn Hinch's antipedophile party won a Senate Seat. Derryn says he'll name names. Excellente!!!! B)
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VLSB "spies" on Prosecution Brief from FBI to AFP? 3 years 9 months ago #3141

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Pauline Hanson says she wants to investigate the child trafficking racket via the Family Court!
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