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TOPIC: Brett Fallon seeks compensation

Brett Fallon seeks compensation 1 year 6 months ago #4232

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3 Bruce Highway Bowen QLD 4805


The Victorian Ombudsman

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Dear Mr Mitchell

Claim for compensation from the Legal Services Board and Commission of Victoria for using its public office to obtain information about political campaigns and tv shows in Queensland.

I wish to complain about the LSBC in Victoria and get compensation.

I have had Pauline Hansen and George Christiansen personally come to my property to discuss things like getting a Royal Commission into the banks.

I have been published in mainstream news as far away as the BBC’s International News Service.

I have attended Parliament House where people like Wayne Swan, Bob Katter, and Pauline Hansen walked across the lawn to catch up with bank victims who wanted the Royal Commission to extend into bank law firms, bank receivers, bank estate agents, bank boards and the regulatory authorities like APRA (whose Ms Bennett sits on the Victorian LSBC and might have good reason for trying to find out what her own clientele were assisting US law enforcement’s International Corruption investigators with).

I have had banking officials from around the world stay here, and I was dealing with people including politicians regarding the scandalous ANZ/Landmark affair which featured on 60 Minutes and also ended up at the Royal Commission.

I notice that one of the customers of the LSBC, Mr Elliot Sgargetta, informed Treasury that he was dumbfounded when the 60 Minutes program all came true and had the CEO of the ANZ, Mr Mike Smith, travel all the way to Queensland to apologise to the bank victim Charlie Phillot. Not only did the bank act appallingly as shown on 60 Minutes, but the Royal Commission also questioned the bank’s Mr Steinberg about the same 60 Minutes series on Charlie Phillot . I believe the LSBC was spying on the show by trying to find out about its clientele like Mr Sgargetta noted. As me, and many others, worked hard to get shows up on places like 60 Minutes, I think I should be compensated by the LSBC’s attempts to, I feel, spy on people and shoot the show down.

I would like a thorough investigation of the LSBC and I note that Mr Sgargetta’s complaint says that he objected to the LSBC using its position to investigate what was known to Whistleblowers who went to the SEC and FBI to report things like the LSBC’s attempts to obtain information about politicians and investigative reporters and advocates like myself who wanted tv shows to get up on the air around the world, like the BBC I was on.

I also seek compensation from the LSBC. Apparently in the past your officials directed victims to go to the very same LSBC to seek compensation from it first, but Mr Sgargetta says that the LSBC told him to leave them alone even after “It All Came True” and US law enforcement arrested bank executives. Please ask the LSBC for compensation. I do not want to deal directly with them especially as they probably have a conflict of interest if they use their government office in Victoria to spy on political groups in Queensland and politicians and reporters’ investigations.

I’ve cc’d Pauline Hanson, George Christensen and Fraser Anning and the Sgargettas because I believe that Victorian officials have no business trying to get information about elections in Queensland.

I’ve also cc’d Spencer Murray’s Whistleblowers in Rockhampton and 4 Corner’s Nick McKenzie and 60 Minutes reporters of the ANZ/Landmark and CBA Townsville Stories.

Yours faithfully

Brett Fallon
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Brett Fallon seeks compensation 1 year 6 months ago #4237

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Spencer Murray’s Whistleblowers in the SEC,
PO Box 955 Rockhampton 4701, Queensland, Australia
Telephone 61+ 407692946

Mr Andrew Kogan & Adam Levitz
Asst US Government Attorney
Care of Ms B Powers
PO Box 1501
Newport Beach 92659
California USA

Dear Sir
Your prosecution of Ms Keila Ravelo and her American Express Cases, Khashoggi Whistleblower Report from Stateline Nevada, & Other Issues
This is a follow up on the strange legal ethics in Australia where its ethics board claims it talks to landlords called Jones who say they were evicted. Landlord’s aren’t evicted, and the ethics board shouldn’t defy complaints that it shouldn’t ‘spy’ on SEC Whistleblowers and then talk to people like relatives of a QC who represents for criminal rackets and terrorists during covert operations.
The Nevadan Whistleblowers Report by our association about American Express and Ravelo’s racket - and the attempts by the Legal Board officials Shirley Joseph, Michael McGarvie & Howard Bowles to ‘spy on investigations and cover up for the banks - were right: these Khashoggis people did know Bin Laden according to the news.
Our Submission at FOS and the FSI was right, we think, there were cover ups of funding for the plotters of attacks on Melbourne’s Rialto Tower on 9/11. Please ask the SEC Office of the Whistleblower for the report from Khassoggi’s property in Lake Tahoe Nevada, and please note that the Commonwealth Bank was found guilty 3 years later by AUSTRAC for aiding Al Quada. Please register my interest in any SEC Reward. The Legal Services Board officials shouldn’t try to get information for relatives of a QC, Tehan, who acts for terrorists and Reserve Bank officials when its clients are landlords that complain it was back to front and was passing information to people like Americans in the SEC Whistleblowers Program.

MasterCard and Visa agreement to pay an extra $900 million:
Our Association of people in the US SEC Office of the Whistleblower Program were talking in 2014 with the top-level Antitrust prosecutors in the American Express case about our concerns with criminal rackets and lawyers doctoring evidence like Reserve Bank material. The list of lawyers is the last 10 pages at the back of our Submission that was accidentally published by the FSI Review by the Australian Government about 6 months before your Organised Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force arrested Ms Keila Ravelo around Christmas in 2014.
Everyone is appalled that the legal services board ‘spied’ on our association while covert operations were underway , and they ‘spied’ for the relatives of a QC who acts for terrorists, RBA executives, and document rackets, Mr Tehan QC.
We bring to your attention that MasterCard and Visa have informed the SEC that they had to pay an extra $900 million in damages to restaurants cafes et cetera that had been duped by these unethical lawyers. We authorise your law enforcement agencies to liaise with the New York State Bar Association and the New York Supreme Court Attorney Grievance Committee’s Mr Jorge Dopico about our complaints about Ms Ravelo and her other suspected colleagues who, incidentally, were removed from cases by Judges Garaufis Winter Jacobs and Leval.
Many people are simply shocked that in the USA it is obvious that lawyers and criminals cannot collaborate over Reserve Bank of Australia documentation whereas in Australia in 2014 the Legal Services Board and Commission of Victoria appeared desperate to find out about our Association which had complained about this racket in a submission which asked How Much Illegality Was Needed by the Bank Arbitration Scheme FOS before it would investigate criminal activity or report that criminal activity to authorities like Australia’s ASIC. (The Royal Commission has been scathing of cover ups, and we believe that cover ups might be covered by your racketeering laws especially when the cover-ups result in millions of retail stores been duped by their own lawyers and then results in MasterCard and Visa having to find an extra $900 million in damages.
We also believe the LSBC is liable because it blew the whistle on its own intentions to use its government office to try and obtain information about SEC whistleblowers).
As a Whistleblower, please let me know if any compensation is owing. The Legal Services Board (Jeannie Pakula?) told fellow Whistleblower Elliot Sgargetta to buzz off.
Mr Simon Woodford:
Mr Woodford is an accountant in Box Hill Melbourne Victoria who was threatened by a Mr Trevor Shane McTaggart who operates bogus law firm services that used cut-and-paste legal letterhead and hired telemarketers who pretended to be lawyers and cold bloodedly ripped off 20,000 people from $30 million according to an Australian Minister the Honourable Kelvin Thomson MP. In early 2015 some time Kelvin Thompson was so concerned with Mr McTaggart that he called Mr Elliott Sgargetta’s accountants Dennis Sgargetta and Associates to find out what McTaggart was up to again. Briefly, McTaggart was trying to obtain information through the Legal Services Board and Commission about US government investigations that had been initiated by Whistleblower Reports some of which came from customers of the Legal Services Board and Commission Itself apparently from staff who did not want to be caught interfering with international US government investigations by, as your press release says, was by people like the Organised Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force.
Mr Woodford reviewed documents relating to threats made by government officials in the Legal Services Board and Commission of Victoria (LSBC) who wanted SEC Whistleblower Reports relating to your covert operations. Mr Woodford was sufficiently concerned about attempts by these officials to obtain information for relatives of the criminal offence QC Mr Tehan QC - who defends terrorists and crime rings - that he wrote to the Victorian Opposition Minister for Police & Counterterrorism in the middle of 2015 coinciding with investigations by the Australian counterterrorism and money-laundering agency FinCen into the Commonwealth Bank’s role in transferring funds for Al Qaeda, terrorists, organised crime and child exploitation rackets. Mr Woodford was also concerned that this board of foreign officials seem to protect Mr McTaggart and his associates from prosecution for running boiler room scam operations and helping people to evade creditors like the Australian Taxation Office.
The LSBC officials were definitely aware of covert operations relating to American Express and lawyers like Ms Ravelo.
The LSB officials were also aware of American racketeering laws that are extraditable to the USA.
Many people think it is very serious for a board of foreign officials from banking and Finance backgrounds to try and obtain information about people like myself who were going on television about banking practices in Australia, was speaking to crime reporters, were speaking to politicians who stood against corruption, and were speaking to US law enforcement about things like “American Express Lost Billions Because of the Reserve Bank of Australia” as stated in Mr Elliott Sgargetta’s signed statement that was published at the Australian Treasury.
Many people think that your racketeering laws might apply to Australian rackets where Reserve Bank of Australia documents were passed through criminal networks to people like Ravelo and affected people like all the American Express parties as well as the MasterCard and Visa parties. After all it should be obvious to a legal ethics board in Victoria that criminals and lawyers should not collaborate against their own clients like millions of American retail stores and restaurants and cafes.
It should also be obvious to a legal ethics board in Victoria that officials in high places should not use false pretences as claimed by Mr Woodford to try and obtain information about people who went to the SEC and the FBI as recommended by some staff in the Legal Services Board Itself according to Mr Elliott Sgargetta’s signed statement.
As he says, It Was All True, and Government officials who were trying to hinder international US government investigations into rackets seems unethical and possibly illegal to most people.
In fact it sounds like there is a protection racket of officials who Mr Woodford believes were procuring information about covert US government investigations that went on to arrest Ravelo and her criminals by the Organised Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force which says its mission is to disrupt and dismantle the most serious drug and weapons and money-laundering organisations that are principally responsible for the illegal drug trade in the USA.
Please make a note that the LSBC was aware of US investigations involving American Express and lawyers in the 10 page list.
Also please make a note that the LSBC was aware that these American racketeering laws could be extraditable and apply to their own officials and any others from APRA and KPMG and elsewhere that may have been involved in using their government position to obtain information for relatives of the QC who acts for terrorists and mortgage falsification rackets.
Please also make a note that this crime caused MasterCard and Visa to file a Significant Material Agreement Notice with the American SEC in a “Form10K” in Sept. 2018 because they had to find an extra $900 million in damages that, we believe, they would never had to have paid if not for all the attempts by the Legal Services Board and Commission to procure information for thuggish characters with backgrounds that included running bogus law firm operations with cut-and-paste letterhead and telemarketers who posed as lawyers in a $30 million scam on an unsuspecting public.
Debra Barker:
Debra Barker complains to the SEC and FBI about the same government official in Melbourne, Ms Shirley Joseph, that is complained about by our whistleblowers in Nevada vis-a-vis a report about American Express filed by people from the Khashoggi family.
Ms Shirley Joseph is the same official who is complained about vis-a-vis American Express cases by an accountant Mr Simon Woodford, and she is from the same foreign government legal services board and commission of banking and legal and accounting executives that were trying to obtain information about SEC whistleblowers like myself while your Anti-Trust Prosecution team had directed our association to contact the US Department of Justice Criminal Division and the SEC.
Debra Barker’s the sister of good friends of George W Bush.
We wish to complain that the LSBC was desperate to find out about politicians like our patron from the Queensland Crime and Corruption Commission, Dr Alex Douglas MP .
The Commonwealth Bank even sent private detectives to a political function hosted by Senator John Williams who is a fierce advocate for the Royal Commission Into the Banking Sector and into the banks arbitration scheme called FOS.
We do not like officials trying to obtain information about politicians especially when the bank must have known that US laws like The Patriots Act might apply to Australian banks like the Commonwealth Bank of Australia which was caught supporting Al Qaeda et cetera according to the prosecution by AUSTRAC.
We are very concerned that the same Shirley Joseph apparently tried to obtain information about prosecutors under US Vice President Biden. In your American Express matter, the top people under the SEC’s chairwoman Mary Jo White wanted more information, and she was appointed by President Obama. In the Commonwealth Bank international bribery matter with The Clinton Global Initiative’s Mr Eric Pulier the prosecutor was Ms Eileen Decker and she also was appointed by President Obama. If Ms Shirley Joseph wants to know about your prosecutors from the Money Laundering and Asset Forfeiture Unit, Drug Enforcement Administration, IRS Criminal Division Et cetera et cetera, she should call the White House.
Or she should call Debra Barker and ask her brother has George Bush’s home phone number.
US Department of Justice investigation into paedophile priests in Pennsylvania etc
As you might be aware, Melbourne Australia is the home of the Vatican’s Finance Director Cardinal Pell.
While your Organised Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force prepared to arrest Ms Keila Ravelo and her racket in 2014, our association was dealing with anti-abuse advocates in Pennsylvania. Our association was subjected to attempts by very suspicious people who used the Victorian Legal Services Board and Commission to find out about our US SEC whistleblowers who believe that American racketeering laws could extradite Australian rackets to the USA. As things turned out the US Supreme Court in a case called R.J. Reynolds Tobacco v Nabisco ‘agreed’ with our line of thinking regarding criminal racketeering laws.
Please put Mr Woodford’s letter to the investigators of the Vatican hierarchy because Mr Michael McGarvie on the Legal Services Board is the son of a Victorian State Governor who urged Cardinal Pell in the 1990s to sort out the abuse of children. We believe that Mr Michael McGarvie and his entire board demonstrated an unhealthy preoccupation with advocates against abuse of the disabled and victims of paedophile priests. Using a government office to try and obtain information about parties dealing with anti-abuse groups is very suspicious.
Commonwealth Bank executives Mr Keith Hunter and Mr Jon Waldron and MasterCard’s lawyer in the American Express cases, Ms Keila Ravelo.
While your covert operations were moving towards arresting Keila Ravelo at Christmas in 2014, the legal services board and commission was desperate to find out about their American clientele who had gone to US law enforcement and were planning to go on television and came from a background in IT. The legal services board and commission’s attempts to obtain information clearly backfired because investigations became focused on their interest in Americans in IT who banked with the Commonwealth Bank Auckland savings bank and the National Australia Bank who reported extortion to the US SEC and the FBI Special Agent Ryan Adams. We believe the legal services board and commission is liable to compensate victims if it improperly divulges information, and Mr Elliott Sgargetta is adamant that the tipoffs in 2014 which preceded the arrests by the FBI of CBA executives and the Clinton global initiative’s Mr Pulier are because of the legal services board and commission’s botched protection of bank lawyers like Gadens. Your Department of Justice investigators might like to investigate why the legal services board and commission and all its officials from places like APRA were so terrified by US government investigations that they seem to run around like headless chooks trying to find whistleblowers under all the bushes. And then the FBI jumped out of the bushes and arrested people. It turned out the Commonwealth Bank even was funding Al Qaeda. Banks really should consider whether they can recover all their fines and things from the legal services board whose Mr Michael McGarvie told the Victorian Opposition Minister for Counterterrorism Robert Clark MP that they are not allowed to disclose information. Disclosing things about FBI investigations and Al Qaeda and crimes arrested by the Organised Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force sounds like the Legal Services Board & Commission might be liable for substantial compensation. I have been trying to get compensation from them for several years, to no avail, and I would like to be registered as a potential victim with the Victim Witness Program in case there is ever A Restitution Order made against the banks.
Yours faithfully
Spencer Murray
US SEC Whistleblower
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