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Founder's Message - 10 June 2014

Founder's Message - 10 June 2014

Bank Victims Investment Opportunity

We offer you 13.5% per annum paid monthly, and your security is by way of a first mortgage over the development land.

As you would be aware, developers and Small to Medium Enterprises (SME'S) are lied to by the banks.

Banks advertise in their "feel good campaigns" that they have funds to lend to business, so naturally you inquire about their lending criteria. Once they hook you and waste your valuable time supplying more and more information that they say they need. The business owner is once again let down as it does not quite fit the so called criteria at the present moment. They then go on to say try us again in three months, as the bank is moving to free up more lending to SME's. The bank does not care about creating jobs. It only cares about it's bottom line.

This is to keep the SME's hanging. But this gives you an opportunity to be involved in the development industry and make a very good return.

We have opportunities for your money in the development of over 50's resorts in Queensland and New South Wales, using our own building concept, which are affordable housing at it's best and with the highest green rating.

Located at Cannonvale, Maryborough and Gympie our Company over the next 12 months is developing our own affordable housing sub-divisions.

We will be utilizing 40% of our own product being 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom homes and duplexes in these sub-divisions.

We have already strong expressions of interest to take up the remainder of the blocks from other developers and building companies.

Now is the chance for you to achieve a good return and be apart of the affordable housing industry, your call to make 13.5% paid monthly or allow the banks to make more money with your money at 3.8%.

For further information call today on this opportunity.
Contact : Director of Operations
Russell Cousins

Emal: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ph : 1300 366 923


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