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Founders Message - June 2016

Founders Message - June 2016
The last few months have been a struggle for the Bank Victims team. We have written the much needed letters to the ASIC: Mr Greg Tanzer, giving him the information so he is aware of the non performance in dealing with Banking Corruption.

These letters which consist of 7 Parts are now available to view at

We applaud the opposition leader Mr. Bill Shorton for committing to a Royal Commission into the banking sector. Bank Victims around Australia need to hear our present Prime Minister confirm that the Coalition will now instigate A Royal Commission on being re-elected.

This decision could be the difference in winning or loosing the election.

We have sent letters out to some 150 Federal MPs, so they are aware of the information available.

We all need to communicate with our Candidates in this election and insist they support A Royal Commission. Only a Royal Commission and nothing less will do.

I can see the election maybe being lost by the Coalition for the simple fact that they will not commit to having A Royal Commission. I find it very hard to see why the Coalition would risk loosing the Election. There are some 20million banking customers that want to see justice.

"Mr Turnbull are you prepared to take the risk. I sincerely hope not."

We are 2 weeks out from the election so all BANK VICTIMS now need to stand up and DEMAND that all politicians support a Royal Commission into the Banking Sector.

Yours Sincerely,

Russ Cousins & the Bank Victims Team

One of The Many Thousands of Bank Victims

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