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Well it's all coming out now. No one believed it could really be true. The big four doing the wrong thing by their customers. With the Royal Commission revealing multitudes of injustices, corruption and scandal after scandal.  The wrong doings to Banking customers, from the banks, Insurance Companies, ASIC, the ACCC to name a few are in it up to their ears.


As for our regulators - There are now calls for the FOS to be disbanded because of credibility issues, ASIC not doing it's job. "We all knew that", and we all know now how our regulators have protected the banks.

For the last five years Bank Victims have been campaigning and lobbying every MP, Senator, and political party in Australia. Although many of our letters went unanswered and were pushed to the side or ignored by the likes of Barnaby Joyce and many others, but what a turn around now.  

We knew the evidence we had uncovered could not be ignored for to long.

The pressure was on.

Many other Advocates for Banking Victims and the financial sector have also been campaigning diligently with face book pages such as Bank Rip-off’s, Fat Cat Banks and Beat the Bank naming just a few.

Denise Brailey from (BFCSA), Bank Reform Now (BRN) all doing a magnificent job, also the writings of Dr. Evan Jones and Frank Ainslie have been a massive eye opener into the corruption of the financial system at large.

With Barnaby Joyce and Malcolm Turnbull both admitting they were wrong not to support the Royal Commission 18months ago. The banks have gotten away with their corrupt practices for far too long, and be allowed to do this.

We have now heard in the news that the Royal Commission will now be extended, but compensation must now be paid to the many victims.

Now it's time for Victims to be compensated, to be heard, and have their stories told of what was done to them. Farmers foreclosed on, businesses forced to close, developers shut down and with many people who's assets were raped and pillaged by the banks receivers and liquidators. All a part of a corrupt scheme of greed. No thought to losses of life, or lives ruined in their process, and families broken up by the banks actions.

This was all allowed to continue for so long because they could, as they had the support of the broken system. This Royal Commission must fix the wrong doings by these greedy organisations that mascaraed as banks.

There are now calls for Glass Steagall to be introduced into the Australian Banking System. Glass Steagall will separate the banks and prevent another financial collapse. This is the best long term solution to stop the banks from gambling with peoples money on derivatives and protect peoples savings.

The latest revelations with regards the NAB and it's operations are disgraceful and there is more to come. Bank victims was recently contacted by Fiona, a Western Australian Farmer who has had a tragic experience at the hands of the NAB. This story will be told in it's entirety and the NAB will hang it's head in shame.  

Here is some VIDEO EVIDENCE of how currupt the NAB has acted in the past.

Bank Victims will continue to fight for the people who have been wronged and will continue campaigning for compensation and justice for banking victims and their rights.

Russell Cousins
Bank Victims Founder and NAB Victim
Last modified onWednesday, 25 April 2018 04:42


  • bob
    bob Monday, 03 September 2018 12:50 Comment Link

    Still liaing with the advocates at westpac. The new advocates working to help victims as far as i am concerned is a fast.
    they don't return calls use delay tactics all the time we are still waiting for a so called meeting so the bank can give us the investigation report on their wrong doings.

  • Stephen
    Stephen Wednesday, 25 April 2018 05:43 Comment Link

    Go hard Russel this is inspirational. It will be interesting to see if bank employees/executives face criminal charges? I fancy not with our current political system.

  • Suzi
    Suzi Wednesday, 25 April 2018 04:59 Comment Link

    Well written Russell,
    Thank you for all your hard work,
    Kind regards Suzi

  • archer field
    archer field Wednesday, 25 April 2018 03:53 Comment Link

    Your contribution will be remembered for may years.
    Congratulations, well done.


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