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Founders Message - 13 January 2019

Founders Message - 13 January 2019

To all our Bank Warriors and those determined to see justice. We hope you have success in 2019 fighting the corruption in our banking system and receive compensation for the damages done to you.

This year we will fight harder than ever for justice for Victims of the corrupt banking system. "Without compensation there will be no closure".

We wrote to the honorable Josh Frydenberg in 2016. (Letters attached

We have recently sent this letter to Mr. Frydenberg, and we look forward to his response.

Now Mr. Frydenberg is the Federal Treasurer and with an election some months off we have asked the Treasurer to review and comment on how his Government intends to stop the corruption in our banking system.

We look forward to the Treasurer's early response.

Russell Cousins

Director of Operations

Bank Victims Pty Ltd

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