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Farmer's new tactics to get land back

Farmer's new tactics to get land back

Jane Luscombe   3 News Best News    03 June 2013
There's been a new twist in the tale of a Taranaki man who's fighting to keep the land his family have farmed since 1850.

Kelvin Gray first appeared on TV3's Third Degree when receivers took over the family farm in Okato.

Today he was back and angry, armed with a camera and a plan. He took his frustrations out on the security cameras and fuseboxes at the dairy farm he used to run.

"So that's going to piss them off a bit but that's what this is all about. I want to get back on my farm, where we belong."

Last month the Grays spoke out after Rabobank sent in the receivers and forced the family to leave.

"We seem to be getting run roughshod over all the time," Mr Gray said.

The farm and Mr Gray owed the bank $5.6 million in loans and fees.

The Grays wanted to refinance the farm, which they'd owned for seven generations.

Denied that opportunity, today the tactics changed.

"We got no money to pay lawyers to fight things with so we have to start doing things in a different [way], take a different approach and that is reoccupy the land that we rightly own."

The receiver, Dennis Wood, told 3 News Mr Gray is not allowed to occupy the land.

"There is no legal right to occupy," he says. "The farm has been sold. Throughout the receivership and mortgagee sale process the Gray family have mounted a number of legal challenges which have been dealt with and dismissed by the court."

Mr Gray's not giving up; though his next battle could be fighting charges for his latest protest.


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