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St George Bank is "Here to help." No, not here – in Grafton

St George Bank is "Here to help." No, not here – in Grafton
A SIGN on the counter of the St George Bank "bragency" in Maclean says everything he needs to know about the company's attitude, according to one angry customer.

"We're here to help. The nearest branch is in Grafton" read the sign that had Maclean customer Bevan Sommerlad spitting chips.

St George will close its outposts at Professionals Real Estate, Maclean and Priceline Chemist at Yamba on February 27.

Unlike many customers he knows who are closing their accounts; Mr Sommerlad has choked down his anger and will give the bank a couple of months' grace.

He said older bank customers relied on face to face banking.

"Many of them don't have the knowledge or the equipment to bank online and don't feel like a round trip of 100km to visit Grafton to do their banking," he said.

He said he wonders why merger partner Westpac cannot pick up the slack.

"They could either open an agency one or two days a week or allow seamless transaction from the Westpac branch to St George accounts," he said.

Author: Tim Howard


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